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Accepting Sensual Vulnerability

This practical training course allows you to embrace yourself as a sensual and spiritual being, to find your soul energy, in order to improve your sexual prowess and successfully build and ride the wave of pleasure. Do you want to explore more from sex than genital satisfaction? Do you want to grow in your sensuality and spirituality? This practical training allows you to explore ways of enhancing your emotional well-being whilst naked and in intimate moments. The sessions are suitable for straight, bisexual or gay men, on their own or with partners.

The course will heighten your personal intimacy, sexual arousal, and spiritual awareness as a partner, individual, or practitioner. It can help men suffering with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, an excess of sexual energy, and sexual difficulties with their partner, men who are sexually inhibited or uncertain to explore their sexuality safely, and those who wish to simply learn more about their own, and a partner's intimate sensuality. It provides guidance to men who wish to channel their sex lives into something more creative, explorative, relaxing, confident and managed, to progress sexual healing with a partner. Here, you can uncover how to raise your bar, both personally and with your lover.

The core focus is changing sexual energy into sensual energy, by learning how to accept, express and share the sensuality of our bodies with our bio-energy - instead of thinking and acting with our genitals (cocks and cumming). The course covers the theory and practice of bio-energy, tantric sex, chakras and orgasms. It explores your consciousness of bio-energy within your own body, within a partner's (Steve), and also in the exchange of bio-energy through sensual intercourse. This theory and practical training explores the difference between orgasm and ejaculation – we will practice techniques to orgasm without ejaculation and ejaculate without orgasm. Orgasms include cerebral orgasms and total body orgasms.

In order to free ourselves from society's taboos around the natural body, we will wash each other free of perfume and clothing and other things that hide away who we really are - for example, by showering and cleansing each other, and being naked. We explore your body's natural energy swings through the five senses: Tasting the body with the tongue; Smelling the body with the nose; Looking at ourselves and accepting and loving who we are; Touching each other’s skin; and using our Voices to enhance our sensual spirituality. Sexual meditation techniques and practices are covered to uplift the sleeping kundalini in your base chakra to the higher chakras. Practice can also include masturbation in the arms of Steve and vice versa. Penetration occurs naturally in the  practice of yin and yang sex.

Be prepared to open your mind and body and accept and enbrace your vulnerability. First you learn to feel confident in your own body to manage its energy. Then you feel, embrace, explore and enjoy the energy of your lover. And then we mix and build up the two energies until they mix together in sensual intercourse - a magical cerebral and total body orgasm. Orgasms are aptly called 'little death' or 'petit mort' in French, and 'Ananda' in Sanskrit, as your body disappears for those moments of bliss.

I have many practices that will give you knowledge and practical experience to enjoy a sexually enhanced role. If you feel you may be missing out on the sensory aspects of your body that can bring greater self-confidence to your sexual life, then this course is for you! Choose one session or a series of up to four for a longer developmental course.

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Accepting Sensual Vulnerability 2 hours £200
Accepting Sensual Vulnerability 2 x 2 hours £375
Accepting Sensual Vulnerability 3 x 2 hours £550
Accepting Sensual Vulnerability 4 x 2 hours £650
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