A Secret Spa Suite

The Southampton suite, discretely and simply presented with a wall sign 'al Covo' (which is Italian for 'the hidden place'), is open to clients by appointment only, for private sessions, between 8am and 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm on Fridays and occasionally at weekends.

The entrance is down steps from the front pavement to the lower ground floor of a lovely restored 1830’s townhouse that has the address of 7 Cranbury Place, Southampton, SO14 0LG (near the Jurys Inn). There is 2 hours free parking for visitors along the right hand side of the road, the suite is at the top of the road on the left. Click here for a map and directions to al Covo.

In addition to the underfloor heated treatment and training room, there is a comfortable bedroom, outdoor hot tub, WC and shower.

Attention to Detail...

A calming therapeutic atmosphere is maintained by attention to detail:

  • Privacy : The suite is private with an unmarked entrance, just saying 'al Covo', down steps from the road.
  • Hygiene : Fresh towels, robes and a clean modern shower and washroom. Steve has the highest personal hygiene standards.
  • Décor : Sumptuous Oriental silk and velvet tapestries, original flagstones, underfloor heating, designer bathroom and 1830's heritage, bring luxurious calm with modern facilities.
  • Comfort : A choice of couches, chairs, pillows, and bolsters for you.
  • Lighting : Soft and discrete with candles for massage, or clean and bright for waxing.
  • Warmth : Steve's renowned warm hands, a steady heat from the floor, electric blankets and heated towels all keep the body warm.
  • Air : Well-ventilated and draught-free with a choice of oil scents or a summer breeze from the garden if preferred.
  • Music : Mobile phones are switched off, and relaxing music is played in the room. Enjoy access to very many artists' tracks and albums.