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Intolerance, Allergy and Nutrient Testing

Do you think you may have developed an intolerance or allergy to a substance or want to check your nutritional levels? Symptoms can include fatigue, nausea, headaches, skin irritations such as eczema, itchiniess, blemishes and rashes, and digestive discomfort such as feeling bloated, excess gas or diarrhoea.

Our hair bioresonance tests use the latest bio-technology analysis tools within the UK on a wide range of items including:

  • Food (tea, spices, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, wheat, eggs and dairy)
  • Non-food items (pollens, grasses, plants, trees, bugs, wild and farmed animals, pets, animal products such as droppings and feathers, household goods and clothing fabrics)
  • Metal toxins (such as arsenic and mercury), and
  • Nutrients (such as fatty acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals).

What you receive…

Your intolerance status of food items, metals and non-food items identified as showing a reaction of 85% intolerance and over. Having conducted many thousands of bioresonance hair tests, this percentage represents the point for which most symptoms arise. Nutrient prevalence is also tested and the report lists those with a deficiency level of under 15% - i.e. the nutrients which are all very deficient within your system. You will receive these pdf reports by email together with guidance on how your individual intolerances can be reduced and your nutrients sourced.

  • The 300 item Custom test includes 290 different food and non-food items plus 10 custom food and non-food items.
  • The 750 item Inclusive test includes 650 different food and non-food items, 50 nutritional items and 50 metal (toxicity) items.

How you are tested...

You provide 3-5 hair samples from anywhere on the body, you bag them and send them in the post to us. Alternatively, you come in and we cut and bag your hair samples in our suite. You make your payment and then the results will be emailed to you within 7-10 days.

If you are seriously ill or believe you have a medical condition then you need to discuss this with your GP.

Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money.

Your Options

Item Time Price
300 Item Custom Intolerance Test 10 minutes £59
750 Item Inclusive Intolerance, Metal and Nutrient Test 10 minutes £70
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The tests are simple and non-invasive and identify problem foods, chemicals and nutrients to your body's system by a worldwide bio-resonance test provider based here in the UK. Holistic advice is provided by a nutritionist on your own individual results.

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