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Lingam Massage

Tantric Massage involves an enhanced and explosive treatment focusing on the intimate areas of not just the lingam (cock), but also the balls, perineum, buttocks, crack and hole. Steve will enjoy every inch of your depth as every nerve ending of your most sensitive intimate areas will be adored with Steve's hands, breath, lips and tongue, with an optional inner anal massage with fingers or toys. Groping, fondling, caressing, stroking, worshiping, admiring, kissing, licking and sucking your manhood, rimming, and Steve's playful touch take you to the edge of bliss and finally over the edge when you cannot with hold any longer. We want it to be an overwhelming finale!

How long can you last?! If you prefer instruction to prevent ejaculating prematurely, Steve will help with tantric practices such as breath control, using sounds and groans, and techniques to move the sexual energy up into your higher chakras. The aim of a tantric lingam massage is edging. Premature ejaculation is often a bi-product of tantric lingam massage, particularly during the initial times you experience the massage or practice in tantra, and this is fine - but we both want you to last to the end of your treatment time! This tantric massage wants you to experience waves of inner body orgasms before finally releasing in a way that you want.

Steve performs the treatment in therapy wear or naked, whichever you are most comfortable with. The treatment takes place on a massage couch or bed (or both), whichever you are more comfortable with. If you would like to heighten sensation further, I have a selection of sensual accessories to be enjoyed at no extra cost. Please contact me to discuss your ideal lingam massage treatment.

If you would like to have a massage on the couch with a reduced focus, time, and variety of techniques on the lingam and more focus on massaging the whole body, then a Sensual Erotic Male Massage may be your ideal choice. If you would like a level of reciprocation or interactivity with Steve, please consider the Shared Intimate Touch. I also offer a Male Body to Body Massage on the bed as an alternative for increased body contact with Steve, and a Tantric Massage which concentrates much more on the energy flow through the chakra centres.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Lingam Massage 25 mins £60
Lingam Massage 40 mins £75
Lingam Massage 60 mins £100
LIngam Massage 90 mins £140
Lingam Massage 120 mins £170
+ Aromatherapy and/or Hot Stones (no extra) +£0
+ Sensual Accessories (no extra) +£0
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

Steve, you always pay so much attention to detail and comfort, thank you. Your courses are taught very personally and professionally, you have taught me so much in 3 years of coming to you. You have created many strings to your bow and I am always impressed by how much you know about them all.

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