Professional Mindfulness Coaching Online Course

This professional course will guide you through the core ‘Mindfulness’ principles and practices. Mindfulness techniques help us to focus on the present. When we are no longer fixated on the past or the future we can live peacefully in each moment. With a step by step approach, the course covers over 15 different practical mindful exercises, teaching you how to practise mindfulness for yourself as well as with your clients, friends or partners. This course aims to reduce levels of stress and anxiety by helping you to enhance your mental wellbeing and cope with the challenges of life and pass these new skills onto others, such as friends, family or clients.

We have all suffered during the last year and it is natural to feel overwhelmed. Keeping up a positive mental attitude in the face of all that is negative about Covid-19, and other issues, problems and concerns that fill your mind, is something that we can learn to do through Mindfulness.

The Mindfulness Coaching course is completed entirely online and can be completed in your own time, 24/7/365, whenever and for how long you'd like. You can complete it at your own pace.

Module List

  • Definition and History of Mindfulness
  • Learning the Foundations of Mindful Meditation Practices
  • Mindfulness - Based Interventions
  • Mental, Physical and Emotional Benefits of Meditation
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Mindfulness Experiences and Myths
  • Mindful Eating and Self-Exploration
  • Mindfulness Application - Exercises for Yourself and Clients
  • Assessment Questions


For students who wish to offer mindfulness coaching as a service to clients, the course includes certification to practice and teach mindfulness to cleints with accreditation and insurance provided by the Guild Of Beauty Therapists awarding body, the UK's leading professional beauty trade body (with a relevant teaching qualification). Upon successful completion, a discount on Guild membership is also available through al Covo.

The theory is delivered and examined online with all the required resources available and online tutorial support when you need from experienced therapist and trainer Steve.

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Item Time Price
Professional Mindfulness Coaching Online Training 20 hours £95
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