Online Male Group Tantra Classes

Love your mind, body and soul in the company of naked men, with Steve's online group tantra well-being classes, held on Zoom every Monday to Friday at 3pm during lockdown. Private 1:1 online sessions, at any time of your choice, and dedicated to you alone, are also available online for Tantric Masturbation, Meditation and Stretching, Tantric Reiki Healing, Professional Counselling, Sensual and Intimacy Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)Chakra Balancing and Tantric Practice. These Group Classes are naturist from the start, so take off your clothes and get ready to honour your own wellness.


Monday Stretching - Try out stretching for better sexual positions and flexibility. The anus, prostate, hips, back, legs, face, arms, hands and feet.

Tuesday Tantric Reiki Healing - Simple, natural and safe methods of spiritual healing, self-regulation and self-care.

Wednesday Tantric Meditation - Tune in to Steve's gentle space of music, words and breath. E.g. a Buttplug Meditation.

Thursday Self-Pleasuring - Watch and hear men heighten sexual desire and pleasure as we explore our erogenous zones, including touching the cock, balls, perineum, anus, nipples, lips, chest and belly, along with our senses of sight, smell, taste, sounds and breath.

Friday Tantric Chakra Balancing - Explore your chakra energies. The main sexual energy is around the anus, perineum, cock and balls. We stimulate this energy and learn to move this energy up into the heart and head.


Prepare for your class by choosing and setting up a private space for yourself – somewhere you will feel comfortable moving uninterrupted for our time together. Arrange the space to be calming and welcoming for you. That might mean adjusting lighting, creating a small installation (maybe a few precious objects, candles, a bowl of water, lighting incense or vaporising some essential oils such as ylang ylang), draping cloths over distracting items, clearing a space as big as possible to move in. Turn off your phone, prevent interruptions from other people or pets. Have water and a towel within reach. Think about your time before and after our session such as having 10 minutes to wash yourself or enjoy a hot soak in the bath.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Online Group Tantra Classes 40 minutes £15
A Week of Tantric Wellness - All 5 Classes £60
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