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Tantric Meditations

Your body has the hidden ability to experience bliss and euphoria, beyond anything you ever imagined. In these meditation exercises, Steve will provide energy guidance to you, which will open your thoughts, body and sounds to receive and feel this. The ecstatic body will be awakened in the receiver. As you practice these techniques, notice where the body responds, shudders and shivers. This is the awakening of spiritual energy and should be felt across the entire body.

Steve offers meditations from Taoist and Classical Tantra lineages, such as Marma mantras, Shakti and Qi Gong Meditations, to improve your lovemaking and widen your orgasmic experience. Osho, a Neo-Tantric guru, also provides many meditations from which Steve can choose ones specific to your needs, in order to help you experience the profound bliss in your body. Some examples of Osho Meditations include Chakra Sounds, Chakra Breathing, Mandala, No Dimensions, Nataraj, Whirling, Nadabrahma, Gourishankar, Devavani, Dynamic and Kundalini.

These meditations may involve standing comfortably in front of each other, shaking, sighing or groaning, kneeling on a floor mat, or sitting up in bed. We may be naked. Let expectations slide away as you open yourself up to unknown adventure. Suspend any discussion until afterwards. Awakening the ecstatic body through tantric meditation is a method of personal development.

Tantra is often used to heighten orgasm. You can learn how to make it more wholesome, more satisfying, contentful and nourishing by welcoming the explosion of energy from inside your mind, body and spirit. Steve will lead you in building up your orgasm in a way that considers your base energies and stability, expression of creativity and sexual concentration, the love that you give and receive, using shame-battering, pleasurable sounds (yes - that might mean growling like a dog, or grunting like your pounding away in physical earthy sex!), your love, individual confidence, and your connection to the divine. These are your 'chakras' in Sankrit.

These Classical and Taoist Tantra meditations can develop your body awareness with sexual arousal and fulfilment - leading to fuller orgasms from embracing all good energies within and around you. These meditational practices are also available as a Tantric Practice Training Course to learn tantra meditations in a greater depth. Tantric Meditations include:

  • Opening Up The Heart
  • Your Light and Shadows
  • Atisha's Meditation
  • Shakti Meditations
  • Qi Gong Meditations 
  • Sexual Activation Breathing
  • Building Conscious Sexual Energy
  • Opening Up The Multi-Orgasmic Channel
  • The Orgasmic Wave
  • Sublimation and Reception 
  • Tantric Shaking
  • Orgasmic Breathwork
  • Shame-Shattering Pleasurable Sounds
  • Awakening The Senses
  • Marma Point Mantras and Therapy Work
  • Pelvic and Postural Work
  • Lovemaking with the 5 Natural Energies

Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, FaceChat and other platforms allow online, live video sessions of 1 on 1 Tantric Meditations with Steve, if you prefer not to come into the suite. These sacred intimate sessions are a space to let go into a space of safety, nurturance, and freedom of erotic explore the pleasure of one's body as a tool for health, vitality and transformation while in the care and full focused presence of a caring, attentive teacher and lover.

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Tantric Meditations 25 mins £35
Tantric Meditations 40 mins £45
Tantric Meditations 60 mins £65
Tantric Meditations 90 mins £95
Tantric Meditations 2 hours £120
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

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