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Most people have heard of tantric sex and tantric massage, but what does it actually involve? Are there any concepts behind the practice? The answer is yes, it has close connections with Taoism, Yoga, and Ayurveda. Iif you're wanting to learn more about the theory of your sexual, spiritual and sensual whole being, then this training is for you.

Tantra is love. Spiritual love, physical love, social love, natural love. It is about adoring something or someone, seeing the god in them, arousing their beauty. This elation can be experienced in every day life. For example, being uplifted and rejuvenated by the singing of birds in trees, by seeing people playing playing on grass, by experiencing the beauty of waves on the shore, by enjoying a visit to a concert or friend. It can be considered and performed, a practice that brings the two or more beings together in a spiritual, physical or social harmony.

Tantra's uniqueness lies in the energy you pull on to experience this sense of wonder and bliss, which can be your sexual energy. Instead of letting this energy be kept 'down below', or used in ejaculation or sexual acts alone, it is used to raise the energy levels of other aspects of your being. It is about moving the energy up out of the sexual dwelling place, which is around the genitals, and up around other areas of your personality and senses, so that you can heighten your ability to love and be loved, to express yourself, be creative, and to have a spiritual connection.

This training teaches you more about how to enjoy tantra a little bit deeper, through theory, rather than practice. If you are wanting to practice, then try one of my practical training - Male Tantric Massage Practical Training, Male Tantric Practice and Rituals, Male Prostate Massage Practical Training, or enjoy one of my practical tantric treatments - Sensual Erotic Male Massage, Sensual Prostate Massage, Male Tantric Massage, Shared Intimate Touch, Meditation and Chanting, Chakra Energy Balancing, with a choice of Playful accessories. This course also forms part of Man On The Couch's definitive tantra training course, the Diploma in Male Tantra.

Tantra has a long Buddhist history, which has evolved today in the UK's society in many hidden ways, most notably in the peace and love era of the 1960's with free and experimental loving. More recently, Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Relax' in the 1980's, and John Lewis' TV advert of Christmas 2012 used the tantric track 'The Power Of Love' for its soundtrack. Tantric power can be very commercial and mainstream today - if you have the ability to perceive it.

We will cover modules including:

  • Historical development of Tantra.
  • Context within other traditions, eg Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Taoism, Yoga, Ayurveda.
  • Human body associations of the body's chakra centres.
  • Energy building techniques - Mantras, mudras, yoga, colour, crystals, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, meditation, yantras, breathing, sex, massage.

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