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Play Your Own Scene

This tantric session is for men who want to experience their own pre-planned fantasy scene that they have been dreaming of doing with another man or more people. These activities may be romantic, playful, artistic or raunchy - but you must 'have the balls' to play them out by telling Steve your particular desires when you book. It could be just one sexual activity, or you could have many scenes in a longer session.

Show Steve how to play your desirable scene from a film, video, novel or story that has inspired you. If you describe it in words or images, then both you and Steve and any others will be ready to act that scene together in the session. This treatment session is not for the shy or for those that want a surprise - as you propose the 'plot' and play it out! It could be a threesome, spit roast, group or 1 on 1 activity.

If you prefer to take control of your session in a more instinctive way during the session and less prescriptive and pre-planned, you can choose Game of Requests. If you prefer Steve to take the lead during the session, please choose one of the other tantric treatments.

The scene can include the full range of sensual accessories and facilities available at the suite, and you can bring your own extras and/or another person/people, or ask Steve to provide the extra people. Be artistic! The more expression you can give Steve as to the atmosphere, feeling and aura of the scene you propose, the more excited you will get in preparation, and closer to the reality you will both get when playing out the scene.

Examples - "I want you to lie on the bed and masturbate for 20 minutes or so while I watch. I want you to bring yourself to orgasm and then I will lick up your cum onto your mouth and face. Then I want to cum over your open mouth and face and mix them both together. That's so hot!!"

"I want to come in and get myself ready in the massage room in private while you wait elsewhere. I am going to lean over the end of the massage couch naked, and wait for you to come in and rim me, spank me with the paddle, and then fuck me. Carry on with this sequence of rimming me, spanking me and fucking me several times, until you cum. I want you to make lots of noise - grunting, groaning, talking dirty to me about how I like it like that. I want to give myself anonymously to you and want you to do it as if I am a random man. Then I want you to simply leave the room when you're done. I will then come into the bedroom and I want you to be on your knees as I come in. I will stand in front of you and you will suck me off quickly and passionately."

"I want to be a man in the middle of a threesome with my partner, so while I'm fucking, I'm also a bottom for a hard cock behind me. Always been a fantasy to have both feelings at the same time. I want it to start with just me and my partner, then you come in after 10 minutes and just join in and start fucking. I don't want you to cum in me. Then I will ride my partner in cowboy position, and you join in and enter for double penetration."

Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money.

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Item Time Price
Scene Play 25 mins £100
Scene Play 40 mins £130
Scene Play 60 mins £160
Scene Play 90 mins £200
Scene Play 2 hours £240
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I have always wanted to be this man in this particular scene - what a fantastic idea to be able to do it at last!

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