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Offers of the Month

During the month of December, treat yourself to my Organic Oils for Health - now only £38 for a half hour or £68 for an hour consultation.

After a consultation, Steve will advise the best balance of oils (normally between 2-10 different essential oils), your method of ingestion, in the best quantity, strength, and frequency. Essential oils' goodness can be taken in many different ways such as in natural food or drink (eg cooking oils), in capsules, through intake of air (eg vaporised through diffusers, oil burners, candles, baths and showers), and via the skin by massage oils, creams, scrubs, or washes. Steve can provide you with the appropriate range of different organic essential oils from Neals Yard Remedies' range, which typically are priced from £5 for 10ml bottles.

Please contact Steve on 02380639913 to discuss any particular conditions if you require advice.

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Item Time Price
OOH! Organic Oils for Health 30 minutes £38
OOH! Organic Oils fro Health 1 hour £68
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