Tantric Practice Training

This practical training course will give you the confidence, knowledge and ability to heighten your personal intimacy and awareness. Steve has been a teacher of Tantric philosophies at local festivals, events, international hotels and at his own suite in Southampton for over 10 years.

This course has been designed for individuals to study at any time, available 24/7/365, with guidance available as you want it, from Steve. He has teamed up with Shashi Solluna, who provides the online content. Steve and Shashi weave together the wisdom from several lineages: the Taoist lineage for the international organization Universal Healing Tao, the Osho Rajneesh lineage of Neo Tantra and the Agama Classical Tantra Tradition. The course includes 7 Modules of online videos and downloads which you can watch at any time and place where you have internet access. It takes approximately 1 hour, plus 30 minutes minimum recommended home practice for each module. You also receive 10 hours private 1:1 tutorial in the suite with Steve, or via remote platforms such as Zoom.

Most people have heard of tantric sex and tantric massage, but this course will tell you and help you to practice what tantra actually involves and the concepts behind the practice. Tantra is often called The Path of Love. Tantra is an art form to bring opposites together in unity and transformation, which is aptly visualised with the yin and yang symbol that this particular course uses. If you're wanting to learn more about your sexual, spiritual and sensual being, then this training is for you. It includes exercises so you practice tantra personally during the course, on your own, with Steve, with your partner and groups. You should be open to personal development, discovering your yin and yang, your shadows and light, and be open to experience weaving them together in your heart.

Tantra's uniqueness lies in the energy you pull on to experience this sense of wonder and bliss, which can be your sexual energy or spiritual energy from all around. Instead of letting this energy be kept 'down below', or left to flow around you, you learn to use these sources to raise your energy levels. It is about moving energy around the areas of your personality and senses, so that you can heighten your ability to love and be loved, to express yourself, be creative, and to have a spiritual connection. It encourages you to be aware of, and actively move energies through your body.

This training teaches you more about how to enjoy tantra a little bit deeper, through theory with self practice. Sensing, building and moving energies help you to understand, express and connect your sex to the spirit and heart. Meditation, QiGong and written worksheets are key techniques.

Tantric practice can help people channel an excess of sexual energy channel into something creative. For those that do not feel the sensuality they feel they would like, tantra helps sexually inhibited or uncertain people to explore their sexuality safely. It is also useful for men who suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, to teach how to relax and control. Tantra also provides guidance to those that want to enjoy and progress sexual healing. Sex and love are energies that are given to you can uncover what sexual and loving energies you have been blessed with, and the life energies that you can tap into. Experience a new life...if you live your life this tantric way, it's going to change! 

Our agenda includes the following practical exercises and experiences, which together with theroetical concepts, are arranged into 7 progressive modules:


  • Introduction to Tantra
  • Creating the tantric environment
  • Your Light and Shadows
  • Creating a Desire Map
  • Healing Your Own Dilemmas
  • Shakti Meditations
  • Atisha's Meditation
  • Qi Gong Meditations
  • Undressing
  • Pelvic Exercises
  • Breathing and Breathwork
  • Bathing
  • Shaking
  • Chakra Balancing - Awakening the Kundalini
  • Exploring the 5 Senses
  • Listening To The Heart
  • Opening and Healing The Heart
  • Self Love and The Inner Smile
  • What Are Your Walls?
  • Full Body Tantric Energy
  • Merging with the Tantric Energies
  • Lovemaking Meditations
  • Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Tantric Approaches to Orgasm
  • Multi-Orgasmic Channels and Waves
  • Tantric Relationships
  • Forgiveness and Prayer


Learning at Man on the Couch's suite in Southampton offers personal training benefits to suit you. Only you, as a couple or individual, are here with Steve, so there's no embarrassment from the presence of others. All the time is therefore dedicated to maximise your experience in tantra. The warm, homely, and relaxing environment here allows you to practice tantra together with the experience and knowledge of a fully qualified massage, holistic and tantric therapist, Steve. You can work at your own pace, and around your own schedules, with flexible training dates and times to suit you - you can choose to complete the training in a couple of days, or over 7 separated sessions, depending on what your schedule allows. Training lengths are flexible to allow for students' different experience and goals. It includes video exercises which you can log in and view at any place and time when you have interenet access, for a lifetime. It's a personal development and intimacy learning adventure!


Module 1 - Why Choose Tantra?

In this lesson, Steve will introduce you to the culture of Tantra and help you create the foundations for a profound and effective journey along this spiritual path. Tantra is a powerful tool for healing and weaving together divisions. You'll be guided to examine the conflicts and splits in your life and in your relationships, and then begin a healing process to unify divisions internally and externally and allow you to reconcile with your desires.

Module 2 - Opening The Heart

Love is the essential core of Tantra; it is a catalyst to healing and spiritual development. Steve will explain that before you can undergo personal transformation, you must first open your heart. Tantra offers many principles and exercises for listening to and opening up your heart. In this lesson, you’ll explore the personal walls you have put up to protect your heart, and how you can heal them through self-love and through creating a safe heart space.

Module 3 - Reclaiming Your Shadows

Shadows are the parts of your reality that are cut off from consciousness; aspects of yourself that you do not want anybody else to see. Through Tantra, you’ll learn to recognize these parts of yourself, and bring them back into the light. Steve will take you through powerful meditations and exercises to help you reach a place of openness and compassion, where you can recognize your judgements and shadows, and reintegrate the parts of you that have become split.

Module 4 - Awakening Sexual Energy

In this lesson, you’ll begin exploring the different methods and ways you can activate your sexual energy. Sexual energy is life-force energy, and it allows us to create and thrive in our totality. Steve will advise how you can identify and begin to heal sexual trauma, and guide you through powerful exercises to welcome sexual energy into your body as a divine gift. You’ll also learn how to use sensual awakening, either with a partner or on your own, as a method to tap into this energy.

Module 5 - Awakening Full Body Energy

You have the amazing potential to connect the Earth beneath your feet to Heaven through allowing life-force energy to channel through your body. Steve will introduce you to the seven energy centres or chakras in your body, and explain how to open each of these to allow the energy to flow through. You’ll also build on your work with the natural world, using the powerful energies and associations of the elements to awaken your senses and open your body to consciousness.

Module 6 - The Art of Tantric Orgasm

Steve begins this lesson by dispelling the myths and clarifying the realities of the Tantric approach to orgasm. Orgasm is seen as a spiritual tool or prayer that allows you to raise your energy and embrace a higher state of consciousness. You’ll explore how to experience a Tantric orgasm and the blocks that might be holding you back from reaching this sublime state of ecstasy and bliss, and learn how to use lovemaking to expand beyond reality and touch the heavens.

Module 7 - The Tantric Relationship

In this lesson, Steve explains how to introduce Tantra into your life and relationships. You’ll learn how, through living with a conscious commitment to love, you can attract energetic growth in your relationship or even attract a new relationship. This energy manifests in so many different ways, from supercharging creativity to helping you to release attachments. You’ll also discover how you can shift and forgive both past and present relationships through offering everything up to the universe through prayer.

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Item Time Price
Tantric Practice Training 7 Modules x 1 hours online course plus 7 hours practical training in the suite £1,400
Follow Up Sessions and/or Advanced Techniques 1 hour £120
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