Tantric Massage involves massage of intimate and highly sensitive areas around the root and sacral chakras, which includes the genitals (lingam), outer anal area (crack), and perineum. An inner anal massage can also be included, which can massage more fully the prostate gland, or male G-spot, for an extra £15. The Sensual Prostate Massage is also available as an independent treatment if you prefer.

By receiving tantric massage, you will be accepting an erotic massage without reciprocation back to Steve. This pleasure is yours to enjoy. Instead of the more usual activities where you are part of give-and-take interactive sex, or making solo stimulation, you enter a state of mind to simply "Relax, Be Loved, and Enjoy Someone Arousing Your Inner Sexual Energy To The Heights". The purpose is to allow energy throughout the whole body, by stimulating the lingam. Steve will adore your body, seeing the beauty in you, to help you to reach heights of spiritual awareness and bliss.

The areas to be massaged are agreed beforehand and ideally include the genitals (lingam), thighs, buttocks, perineum, crack (outer anal and prostate area), and the inner anal area and prostate. The back, chest, abdomen, chest, arms, hands, ears and feet can also be massaged. Your breathing and/or meditations can also be used to heighten the sensations around the body. Steve performs the treatment in therapy wear or naked, whichever you are most comfortable with. The treatment takes place on a massage couch.

Please contact me to discuss your ideal treatment. If you would like a level of interactivity, please consider the Shared Intimate Touch or ask for something inbetween the two. If you would like to heighten sensation further, I have a selection of Sensual accessories to be enjoyed, please let me know what it is you fancy. I also offer a Male Body to Body Massage on the bed as an alternative.

I admit initially I was nervous about seeing a male therapist. But when I entered the place and the room itself, with candles and music, you smiled and made me relaxed. It was relaxing, intense and totally indulgent.

Gentlemen - relax and enjoy tantric massage by Steve in Southampton. Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to book.

Suggested treatment times:


Session Time*


Tantric Massage 40 mins £50
Tantric Massage with Back, Neck, Shoulders, and Chest areas 60 mins £60
Full Body Tantric Massage 90 mins £85
Full Body Tantric Massage 120 mins £110
Tantric Massage with Anal Prostate Massage (no extra) +£15
Tantric Massage with Hot Stones or Aromatherapy (no extra) +£5
Hot Tub Hydrotherapy + Tantric Massage +20 mins +£15
Shirodhara + Tantric Massage +20 mins +£20
Tantric Massage with Reiki - +£10
Tantric Massage with Sensual accessories - +£5-£20

*Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please add an extra 10 minutes for your first treatment.

Membership and Course Packages can reduce the price for you, friends and family.