Male Group Tantra Sessions

Interactive male group tantra sessions, facilitated and actively participated in by Steve, guide you through various activities including naked meditation, spiritual healing, exploring each other's eroticism, group touch, 'Suds and Studs' hot tub events, various types of massage, masturbation techniques, threesomes, gloryhole worship, gangbangs, orgies, bukkake, cum swap, sacred seed parties and more.

Let these sessions take you sexually and spiritually to a new level with like-minded men. Group sessions increase the amount of stimulus you receive as you have more sights, more touches, and more sounds from all the male participants. Giving and receiving with more than one male heightens your enjoyment and thrills your senses, allowing you to explore more men's different eroticism, opening up your mind and body to new event experiences. Imagine your excitement in the days and hours in the build up to your group session, leading to an exhilarating sensation of liberty as you open up and reach new heights with a group of men.

Between three and six men take part in loving activities on floor mats, chairs, in the hot tub, shower, across the massage table, gloryhole and on the bed, learning to undress, fondle, kiss, make loving gestures and sexual contact with the other men. We agree to accept each other for who we are as individuals, and do not turn any participants away from the group activities. We all have come here for love, and we will all give and receive it. It is a great way to try open relationships and polyamorous relationships on your own or with an existing partner or partners.

All men must have experienced at least one 1 on 1 tantric treatment with Steve before a group session and make a full payment by BACS, cash or card to secure a group place. This encourages all men to turn up as planned.

Does this sound like a fun, exciting way to spend your time? Is it a bucket-list item that you want to do to fulfil any life-long fantasies? 

Group session activities can include one or more of the following, and are tiered by price:

Group 1:

  • Camera Filming or Voyeurism (eg couples wanting to be filmed or watched)
  • Eye Contact, Soul Opening, Undressing and Sensual Energy Touch
  • Naked Meditations (eg Chanting, Groaning, Mudras, Mantras, Breathing, Osho Active Meditations, Shakti Meditation, Reiki Energy Circles, Qi Gong Meditations, Opening Up The Multi-Orgasmic Channel, The Orgasmic Wave, Sublimation and Reception, Tantric Shaking, Orgasmic Breathwork, Shame-Shattering Pleasurable Sounds, Pelvic and Postural Work, Lovemaking with the 5 Natural Energies)
  • Exploring Eroticism (eg Compliments on Body Posture and Form, Game of Requests, Erogenous Zones, Sounds of Pleasure, the 5 Senses of Pleasure)
  • Discussion Groups (eg on Masturbation, Heightening Sexual Feelings, Ecstacy, Energy Flow, Sensuality, Passion, Art of Sex, Connection, Talking Tantra) 
  • Hot Tub Warmth and Bubbles Play, 'Suds and Studs'
  • Mutual Non-Intimate Massage and Tickling

Group 2:

  • Guided Chakra Masturbations and Joint Masturbation Techniques
  • Kissing Sucking and Licking
  • Mutual Intimate Massage
  • Clothed Fetish Play (eg rubber, leather, boots, harnesses, panties, stockings, masks, dog collars)
  • Bondage Fetish Play (eg dominants and submissives using blindfolds, restraints, paddles, whips and toys)
  • Naked Wrestling, Play and Pillow Fighting

Group 3:

  • Threesomes, Orgies, The Gloryhole, Bukkake, Cum Swap Parties and Gangbangs (active/top, passive/bottom, versatile roles)
  • Our unique special Sacred Seed Parties (guided spiritual sexuality rituals by Steve where not a drop of seed goes to waste)

Group tantra sessions may contain one or more of the above activities depending on the participants' interests. Each group session is individually arranged to suit participants' interests, and so to get the right group for you, please email Steve which of the above activities you are definitely not interested in and those activities that you would like to experience in a group. Please also state if you are only giving and/or only receiving, or happy to both give and receive these activities. The more information you give about your interests in the above options, the better I can make the session match your wishes.

Groups meet by private arrangement with Steve - just like booking a treatment. Please let me know your availability Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and occasionally at weekends, and I will endeavour to arrange a group to suit your pleasure.

I look forward to helping you find your ideal male group for sharing loving.


Your Options

Item Time Price
Group 1 Activities (per person price, you pay for yourself only) 90 minutes £90
Group 2 Activities (per person price, you pay for yourself only) 90 minutes £160
Group 3 Activities (per person price, you pay for yourself only) 90 minutes £220
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

Wow! I have a fantasy for two or three guys doing this to me in one go - can you arrange?

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