Tantric Exploration

Spend a few hours and up to a whole day contemplating and receiving the wonder of your being, in the spirit of the safe and private sanctuary of Man on the Couch's Southampton suite. With Steve's Tantric Exploration Package, you can combine the joys of a pleasure palace with your personal development by soaking up all the delights of Steve's tantric knowledge and experience and achieving much more than you can in one individual treatment.

It's like upgrading a back neck and shoulder massage up to a full body massage - once you can take a full body experience, then it's time to increase for how long and how deep you feel it. Hours of erotic, sensual and spiritual, personal pleasure and exploration are customised to your needs in this signature holistic package, unique to Man on the Couch. 

Discuss a brief with Steve for how long you'd like to spend here and what you'd like to do and Steve will plan the hours with you and, more importantly, for you. For example:

2 hours - An hour of Feeling Free, followed by an hour of Tantric Massage. A wonderful starting point for someone who is new to Tantra.

3 hours -  Start with a Hot Tub Hydrotherapy with some fondling play under the bubbles, a Shower session together, then have a spiritual Tantric Yoga Touch Massage on the mattress in the treatment room.

5 hours - My partner and I arrive for some Male Couple's Tantra where I take some pictures and videos of Steve and my partner enjoying some Shared Intimate Touch for an hour. We swap roles so my partner films Steve and I for an hour, and then we swap again so Steve films us two for an hour. Then all 3 of us begin a Game of Requests and Dirty Talk. We finish with a Hot Tub Session together and reviewing the shoot's footage.

7 hours -  Start with a Full Body Scrub and Shower including the arse and genitals and douche to clean the skin and exfoliate, leaving the skin fresh and pores open. I am then ready for a Sensual Erotic Massage with toe sucking and licking and plenty of exotic oils including Ylang Ylang, which icludes Prostate Massage and Lingam Edging on the bed. Then let's burn some calories and flex our bodies together with Slippy Wrestling and Play Fighting in the treatment room. Relax on the bed with some tasty food and drink. Begin the afternoon with a Tantric Masturbation, Meditation and Stretching in the hall, focusing on toe sucking and face sitting, leading to Steve tying me up for some Tie and Tease, and onto the Conscious Surrender of my body combined with a Body to Body Massage with Steve penetrating me at last with his cock.


Your Options

Item Time Price
Initial Consultation 30 mins £25
Tantric Exploration 1 hour to 4 hours From£59
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

WOW!! What an awesome experience. Steve and I discussed the best combination of all his tantric treatments and Oh Boy! This day was waaaaaay bigger and bolder than an individual treatment. It was a day like no other, so long and completely dedicated to me. My mind and body lifted off with Steve in his beautiful suite.

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