Cum For Me

Do you have a need for seed? Or a need to seed? Choose one or both in this interactive session, where either you can cum for Steve, or Steve can cum for you. Or...both in turn. Just let him know which you prefer before you arrive. This session is about setting free your own hot load, and/or wanting Steve to make himself shoot his fresh, rich sperm load for you. This is an all-inclusive show, just for you.

If you prefer to be the one cumming over and on Steve, use your erotic imagination to prepare your performance. You can use any of the sensual accessories available here, or bring your own attire and tools, such as boots, aromas, gloves, jockstraps, cockrings, a harness, and  ropes.. You can make it short and simple, make Steve kneel and give him your big load. Cum over him and get yourself off. Steve doesn't get penetrated in his hole, however you can spray your load on his stretched out hole, over his arse, in his mouth, give him a highly nutritious facial, or cum over his cock or chest!

If you want Steve to cum for you, he will perform an erotic routine of self pleasure for you to watch and enjoy privately. This can include undressing, mutual undressing, teasing and culminate in cumming for you. Possibiltiies include frotting (rubbing against another for sexual gratification, whether clothed or unclothed), cock-docking (cumming inside the foreskin of uncut cock), felching (eating cum from the hole - creampie licking). and snowballing (passing someone else's sperm from their mouth to the mouth of the other, usually through dribbling or kissing). He'll cum over your face, in your mouth, deep into your throat, over your chest, cock, balls, in or over your hole, or over himself. Experience the intensity and warmth of a man’s sperm load shot just for you, or inside you.

Steve and you can wear what turns you on. Do jockstraps, leather, panties, workman's wear, sportswear, policeman wear, or a suit make you horny? Steve can tie you up if you want to be restrained and just see the view. You both can use the chairs, stool, bed, massage couch, hall, toilet and shower, the whole private suite is available for the setting of release. He may ask you to do some things like put on a jockstrap, pose for him, or move into positions, fixtures and fittings that he finds erotic as the session develops.

To add to the eroticism, there are sensual accessories that you and Steve can use throughout the performance. Super-slippery lubricant nuru gel, massage oils, aromas, silk and feathers, blindfolds, verbal power play, spanking, electro-stimulation, fleshlights, cock rings, restraints and ties, cock and ball torture, urethral dilation with sounds, vacuum pumping, ball stretching, orgasm edging and prevention, blindfolds, gags, hoods, dog collar and lead, vibrators, butt plugs, dildos, nipple clamps, candle wax, rubber, leather and chain wear, boots and uniform as play enhancers. You may be dancing, groaning, chanting, stretching and meditating while masturbating, and be intimately involved with each other, touching, sucking, playing with your cocks and balls, licking your holes, hugging, adoring, fucking and kissing each other as erotic energy builds up to orgasm.

The above performances are all possibilities, but if he or you don't want any of this extravagance, then there need be none of it. Your cum session can be short and simple - Steve and/or you, can wank off over your face, open mouth, or hole, while still dressed in the hall. Your performances can be as quick or as slow as you want. Just allow yourself your moment of orgasmic bliss.

Filming of the session and cumshots are offered as an unedited extra, so you can re-live it at home. I only ever film when you ask for it, so please say when booking your session. Filming is possible from a floor angle, chair, shelf and up to 5 foot height, using a phone camera on a tripod. Choose your favourite angle at different times and also if you want Steve to be anonymous in a hood/balaclava, wear trackies and trainers, panties and stockings, or leather, or be naked. Often a longer session is recommended for filming.

We will not be done, until there is cum!

Your Options

Item Time Price
Cum For Me 30 mins £120
Cum For Me 45 mins £150
Cum For Me 1 hour £180
Cum For Me 90 minutes £230
Cum For Me 2 hours £280
+ Unedited Digital Film (no extra) +£20
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

I am amazed by what a show you can put on Steve with such variety each time!

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