Sexy Live 1:1 Video Calls & Messaging

A personal, sexy, live, video call, sex chats, sexting of messages, anonymous, hot fantasies and intimate talk with Steve, can be a quick and easy solution to keep you feeling good during the day. Choose anything from a one-off continuous 30 minute video or messaging session, to an intermittent flow of message texts throughout the whole day or month. Sessions can be booked in advance, or we may be able to start straight away! Pay by card over the phone or BACS transfer to secure your session of interactive chat and video.

WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, FaceChat, Telegram and other platforms allow you to message or video. You can play naked with Steve and his range of sensual accessories on the bed. See and hear him in various positions, enticing you to interact with him, wearing nothing, jockstraps. classic tight whites, suit and tie, in panties and stockings, or as a hooded pup or master. We can mutually undress, fondle and admire our bodies in full from pits and lips down to toes, twist nipples, groan and gasp, stretch our bodies, open our legs, pose on the bed, meditate, whisper, scream, shout, role play as father-son, office manager-staff member, personal instructor-client, teacher-pupil, and much more! We can mutually masturbate, play with feathers and toys, see each other very close up, give instructions and send requests to each other. Highly arousing, amusing and satisfying and always in a safe environment. If you'd like to masturbate while Steve watches you, it can be as simple as that, and makes men cum more intensely as they perform for another instead of on their own.

Steve has the experience of giving many tantric, spiritual and sexual treatments, which we can use combined or individually, as a basis of our session. These intimate video or messaging sessions are a time where you can let go into a space of safety, nurturance, and freedom of erotic explore the pleasure of one's body as a tool for health, vitality and transformation while in the care and full focused presence of a caring, attentive teacher and lover. The techniques and styles of Game of Requests, Conscious Surrender, Sensual Erotic Male Massage, Lingam Edging, Tantric Masturbation, Meditation & Stretching, Tantric Yoga Touch, Male Sexual Role Play, Tie and Tease, Male Body to Body Massage, Shared Intimate Touch, Tantric Massage & Sex, Cum For Me and Tantric Reiki Healing can all be incorporated, if you wish.

Compose and receive erotic sexual healing messages, and join in a live video session with Steve, to uplift your mood during the day. Let Steve lead the session or take control of the tone yourself. Make your day a better one, with an exchange of sexy messages or intimate, interactive video! Let's make it pleasure thogether, with increased self-worth..

Your Options

Item Time Price
Messaging Texts 30 mins (continuous) £25
Messaging Texts 1 hour (continuous) £45
Messaging Texts 90 mins (continuous) £65
Messaging Texts 2 hours (continuous) £85
Messaging Texts 1 day (intermittent) £60
Messaging Texts 1 week (intermittent) £120
Messaging Texts 1 month (intermittent) £250
Video Calls 30 mins £60
Video Calls 1 hour £90
Video Calls 90 mins £120
Video CAlls 2 hours £150
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