Male Couple's Tantra

Steve offers all of his tantric treatments, training and coaching, to couples, to share together. These experiences can be a great starting point if you're thinking of starting an open or polyamorous relationship, or broadening and deepening your own bonds of friendship and intimacy, with trust and understanding. Steve is a trained tutor and also actively participates in threesome practical experiences. Man on the Couch's suite offers a perfectly safe and controlled environment for you.

As a couple, with Steve present, the three of us can experience Tantric Masturbation, Meditations and Stretching, Tantric Reiki HealingSensual & Intimacy CoachingSensual Erotic Massage, Prostate Massage (Milking), Lingam Edging, Tie and Tease, Cum For MeTantric Massage & Sex, Body to Body Massage, Shared Intimate Touch, Sensual Scrub & Shower, Conscious Surrender: Pain and DisciplineGame of Requests & Dirty Talk, Tantric Reflexology & Foot Fetish, and Male Sexual Role Play: Kink and Fetish. These offer different levels of sensuality, sexuality and intimacy for a threesome. You may both feel ready to move on to a Group Session with four or more men. If you are single, a threesome can be arranged as a Group Session

You will experience the different dynamics of a threesome compared to a couple. Each of us can be a voyeur, we can be 2 on 1, free as we please, or Steve can act as a coach for you. We agree on the dynamics of interaction as listed below, so we know each other's roles. We also choose if we are to change places, so we swap to all play all the roles (voyeur, facilitator, receiver and giver). A longer session is recommended if we swap. It is recommended you both talk about your choices, and both come in for a 1 on 1 tantra experience wtih Steve, before booking a Couples' Tantra Experience.

Please note the prices are for the couple's treatment, so you share the price (prices are not per person). Additional treatment times such as 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes, or 3 or 4 hours, can also be booked. Prices for different lengths are listed on these individual treatment pages.



This session involves one man watching the other two men perform. The observer can move about, talk or film, but doesn't interact. He will have the pleasure of watching the other two men. It is a great opportunity to learn a few techniques, hear and see two men together, without taking part.​ We can swap places within the session, if you would each like to experience both active participation and voyeurism roles.Please note if we each swap to play different roles, a longer session is often required than if we don't swap.

Facilitator & Coach

While two men are getting into their session, the third man helps out with a hand here, or a tongue there, spitting, touching, spreading and holding any of the men, preparing restraints or sensual accessories, encouraging, guiding and aiding the two men by action or words. This can be Steve or one of the men, and we can choose to swap roles if you fancy trying both an active participation and facilitator role. Please note if we each swap to play different roles, a longer session is often required than if we don't swap.


One man will receive the full tantric experience from the other two men. For example, a 4-handed sensual massage, spit roast, or threesome body to body massage. This can be Steve or one of the men, and we can choose to swap roles if you want to experience both a receiver and giving role. Please note if we each swap to play different roles, a longer session is often required than if we don't swap.

Freedom Threesome

All three of us participate in a treatment equally and openly, with no-one as the sole focus or set role. Just let it flow!  Filming with cameras can be swapped between the three of us, for example. 


Your Options

Item Time Price
Tantric Reiki Healing 2 hours £225
Tantric Masturbation, Meditations & Stretching 2 hours £225
Sensual and Intimacy Coaching 2 hours £225
Prostate Massage (Milking) 2 hours £225
Lingam Edging 2 hours £225
Sensual Erotic Massage 2 hours £225
Tantric Reflexology & Foot Fetish 2 hours £225
Sensual Scrub & Shower 2 hours £300
Tantric Massage & Sex 2 hours £330
Slippy Wrestling 2 hours £330
Shared Intimate Touch 2 hours £330
Cum For Me 2 hours £330
Tie & Tease 2 hours £330
Game of Requests & Dirty Talk 2 hours £330
Conscious Surrender: Pain & Discipline 2 hours £330
Male Body to Body Massage 2 hours £330
Male Sexual Role Play: Kink & Fetish 2 hours £420
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

I had an extraordinary time. The communication in order to book was very supportive and professional as we were both very nervous. The treatment was impeccably led and we both felt so relaxed and easy during our first threesome. It has opened up our gates!

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