Lingam Edging Practical Training

Suitable for either an individual or a couple, this private training course assumes no previous massage, male sexual or tantric experience. Add it to your portfolio of skills for a male partner, friend or client. This course also forms part of Man On The Couch's definitive tantra training course, the Diploma in Male Tantric Treatments.

Lingam (Cock) Edging is the most directly sexually stimulating, pleasurable experience, which ultimately leads to the release of the man's seed. You will learn how to master every inch of your man's cock and balls' in depth and girth, as every nerve ending of their most sensitive, intimate areas will be adored by your hands, breath, lips and tongue. Wet deep tongue rimming and inner anal massage with fingers, tongue, lips or toys is included in oral stimulation learning.

Groping, fondling, caressing, stroking, worshipping, admiring, kissing, licking and sucking their manhood, rimming, and your playful touch will take your man to the edge of bliss and finally over the edge when they cannot with hold any longer. The oral optional extra includes oral without protection (OWO), total tongue immersion, lips and deep throat adoration to gagging, before swallowing all their seed. Edging prolongs the build up to ejaculation, raising the longing to shoot their load, so they are excited for as long as possible. There then comes an overwhelming finale, where you make your man shoot all his cum wherever he wants, in one massive orgasmic release.

How long can you make him last? To prevent ejaculating prematurely, Steve will help you with tantric practices such as breath control, a variety of positions, massage stretches and techniques that move the sexual energy up away from the cock and balls. You will learn how to make him last to the end of your time together! You will help him to experience waves of near-orgasm before finally releasing in your mouth, over your face or your chest. This can be a a way to learn how to enliven a quick hand relief or blowjob into a longer lasting, deeper connecting intimate sexual encounter.

You will practice performing the treatment in therapy wear, naked, jockstraps, sportswear, smart clothing, lingerie, panties and stockings. You can be on a massage couch, bed, knelt in the hallway, treatment room, study, kitchen, in the shower, against a wall or the front door, through a glory hole...there are plenty of ways to practice these technqiues. Some men like to be whimpering on a chair, while their wrists are tied behind their back, and ankles tied at the floor, eyes they surrender to your pleasure. I have a selection of sensual accessories, such as aromas, blindfolds, puppy masks and leads, which you can learn to enjoy. Please contact me to discuss any specific details.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Lingam Edging Practical Training 2 hours £250
Lingam Edging Practical Training 6 hours £700
Lingam Edging Practical Training 12 hours £1,250
Follow Up Sessions and/or Advanced Techniques 1 hour £120
+ Oral Stimulation (Kissing, Licking, Rimming, Sucking) (no extra) +£50
+ Sensual Accessories (no extra) +£50
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