Male Tantric Massage & Sex: Prevention of Ejaculation and Becoming Multi-Orgasmic

Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex are the union of two people, using sexual healing Taoist (pronounced DOW-ist) methods from ancient China. These very pleasurable past times have been passed down through Healing Tao practitioners. Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex focus on energy, mindfulness, connection, and sexual arousal to heal the body, using sexual energy without ejaculation. There is interactive physical sexual union from your lover (in this case, your lover and teacher is Steve). It is a great step to take to progress after solo practicing Tantric Masturbation Meditation and Stretching Techniques

Most men find that they are designed, without practice, to last about 5 minutes from the start of sexual practice until ejaculation, and then immediately lose their sexual energy as they fall from the highest peak. In contrast, women usually get into sexual flow after 20 minutes and are therefore left unattended to by a male partner who has already cum. If men are taught and practice tantric techniques, they can perform in a multi-orgasmic way (i.e. achieve more than one orgasm in a session), and also experience whole body orgasms (i.e. not just in the mind and genitals, but also in their fingers, blood, muscles, breath and movement. The Tao believe that sexual energy is a healing energy when ejaculation does not occur, as it can be moved throughout your inner bioenergetic system, called your Micro-Cosmic Orbit. Tantric techniques taught in this massage focus on helping the natural yang energy (manly body elements), to become more yin (feminine energy based) during sex.

The question is: Do you want to last longer before you ejaculate? Are you horny and want to try something new with all your sexual energy? Are you lacking libido and want to raise your sexual energy levels? Tantric Massage, Tantric Self Pleasuring and Tantric Sex can be beneficially balancing in each of these scenarios. The techniques are extremely versatile, in that these techniques can be applied for heterosexual and same sex partners, aswell as for enhancing solo masturbation.

Using these tantric techniques, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Have multiple orgasms without losing your erection
  • Experience longer, more intense whole body orgasms
  • Use your sexual energy to improve your overall health
  • Increase your sexual energy and vitality
  • Recognise the signs of your parnter's desire
  • Help your partner to become multi-orgasmic
  • Master thrusting techniques that will completely satisfy your partner
  • Use sexuality to deepen your spirituality
  • Make all sex safer
  • Reduce premature ejaculation
  • Overcome impotence
  • Increase the size and strength of your penis
  • Raise your sperm count
  • Prevent and overcome prostate problems
  • Increase your sexual strength in middle and older age
  • Maintain the passion in your reationship as you age together

The body's Micro-Cosmic Orbit is a circular path of ethereal, esoteric, subtle energy inside the body that connects mind and body. These energy lines and centres, are called chakras, marma points and meridians, and the energy is called prana, chi, zen or ki, in different countries of Asia. These channels are used in various more well-known Eastern therapies such as Reiki, Reiki Massage, Acupuncture and Shiatsu, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Marma Chikitsa, Chakra Balancing, Tantric Meditations. Thai Foot Massage, Yoga Massage, Yoga, Body Electric, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other Martial Arts.

Steve will be talking to you, and listening to your responses, as he leads you through Sexual Kung Fu (Sexual Practice). The goal of Sexual Kung Fu is to eventually transform sexual energy (Ching-chi, pronounced JING-CHEE) into more refined and subtle energies of the heart, mind and spirit, so you may continue with self-pleasure or sex with partners for a very long time. Multiple orgasms become possible as you learn to separate and enjoy a number of pelvic non-ejaculatory contractive phases of orgasm that you can repeat (dry orgasms), time after time, which occur moments before ejaculation. Whole body orgasms become possible due to the ability to generate pleasure pulses (nerve and tissue expansions and contractions, tingling, warmth, prickling, itching) throughout the whole body.

Open and explore the wonderful world of your spiritual body energy, beyond the usual physical means of adoration. We use touch, meditation, movement of muscles (especially the pubococcygeal muscle (PC muscle band), breathwork and sounds. You will learn how to use muscles around the pelvis and spine to draw energy. It is often used as a healing technique for premature ejaculation, lack of libido, too high a libido, erectile dysfunction, 'boring' sex, prostate problems, low sperm production, lack of sexual energy control, frustration, and to satisfy horniness in a more serene, grounded fashion. It is good for your mind, muscles, body consciousness, and it is very creative and enjoyable! It teaches you to separate and stop your ejaculation, which occurs after orgasm.

Steve regularly performs tantric massage on himself, to help his own sexual energy levels to rise or fall, and to maintain and control them along with the levels of his other body energies, such as his love centre (the heart chakra), his storage area of the navel, his outward expression centre (the throat), and his connection to the divine (the crown chakra), using his nipples, hair and lips as alternative physical centres of stimuli to the genitals. The use of pelvic muscles means this practice is excellent for pelvic health, aswell as sexual pleasure, longevity, and general energy levels. Learning these self cultivation or self pleasuring techniques that sit somewhere between masturbation and meditation lead to the body being more relaxed during sex and orgasm, with more balance and control than during an ejaculatory orgasm.

The aim is to take you into an enhanced blissful state, above and beyond the ego, and the need to ejaculate. You are learning how to control and move your sexual energy around your whole body. The Tao believe that ejaculation is so draining of male energy and strength, that it reduces a man's longevity. As men age, each ejaculation takes longer to recover from, as it depletes your body energy. Men should be reducing their number of ejaculations as they age, to prevent this loss of life energy, and instead use the sexual energy within their own bodies, for their own healing. Men can instead learn to become multi-orgasmic, which means their sexual intercourse often lasts longer - as you may have one, or many, many more orgasms in one session - as the sex is without ejaculation. You do not fall off the edge of the cliff edge into the ravine of post-ejaculatory stupor, finding yourself far more interested in the pillow and solitude, than your partner. Instead, you can plateau and rise again to more peaks, achieve more orgasms, throughout your whole body channels, when you do not ejaculate.

There remains a deep satisfaction on physical, emotional and spiritual levels that stays for hours or days. You experience orgasms that are more subtle, complete in your body, ringing like a bell, and with a 'one-ness with the universe'. Your balls are fuller your sacred seed is kept in your body. These orgasms are pulsations (contractions and expansions) not just of the cock and balls, but of prostate, heart, lungs, mind and other organs of the body. These pulses are measured scientifically by increased heart rate (120 bpm instead of the 70 bpm resting heart rate).  

Steve will help with tantric practices such as use of pressure points, breath control, using sounds and groans, stretching, muscular and mindful techniques to move the sexual energy up into your higher chakras aswell as deeper chakras, through the Micro-Cosmic Orbit within your body. Meditation is often used in tantra to enhance the mindfulness of sexual experience and take you into realms that you can't achieve without meditative practice, preventing energy stagnation and blockages, and opening you up in a holistic and sensual way. For Steve to give you the best treatment, it is very useful for you to be prepared to let him know what you want to achieve, your background experience, and any current restrictions that you feel occur in your sensual and spiritual world, so that he may focus on removing these blockages for you, and direct your energy from where you currently feel you are, to where you want to be.

Animal sounds, stretching, movements, thrusting, truly expressing yourself, the energy within your body, and the energy you are receiving from Steve, is compelling and encouraged. The aim of tantric massage, tantric self pleasuring or tantric sex is charging your bioelectric energy fields (like meridians) by moving the energy from your sexual energy core. Premature ejaculation, multiple orgasms, loss of erection, pain in the prostate, pulsing, spiralling, warmth, tingling and other energy alignments can often occur during this tantric practice, particularly during the initial times you experience tantra, and this is fine - as we will be focusing on energy and other-worldly body sensations, transcendence, instead of the more usual sexual desires of a physically hard cock and a large shooting cum load.

These tantric techniques help you to experience waves of inner body release. This is what is called the Multi-Orgasmic Man, by Mantak Chia, one of the leading Taoist authors in the West. It may not work for you first time, as it is often difficult for someone to identify and remove their masks, to allow themselves beyond their self consciousness, as people are generally more comfortable keeping within their own comfort boundaries of mind and sexuality. However with practice, this can be a truly liberating practice for many, and well worth the visits to improve tantric awareness and practice. Which pianist, musician, actor or artist, has ever completed their most satisfying work, without a lot of practice first? This practical treatment is a training experience, that requires you to open your mind and try new things and not to hold back, but release yourself to new sensations. This usually takes time to achieve and fulfil to the best of your abilities, and requires communication in all its forms, between you and Steve

Steve performs the treatment naked, usually after a mutual undressing ritual. We aim to take our time in Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex and enjoy each moment for as long as we can. The treatment takes place preferably stood upright to begin with, to enable Steve to move fully around your body, however it can also be performed on a massage couch and bed (or all three), whichever seem more comfortable. Steve often begins this tantric ritual by annointing your channels with sacred oil on the chest (heart), throat, forehead, solar plexus, sacral and base chakras. Please contact me to discuss your ideal tantric massage and sex treatment, any background and outcomes that you wish to arrive at. 

Techniques that you could be experiencing in union with Steve include: Belly Breathing, Century Count, Stopping The Stream, PC Pull Ups, Self-Pleasuring, Separating Orgasm from  Ejaculation, The Cool Draw, The Big Draw, Venting, The Finger Lock, Pelvic Massage, Soul-Mating, Soft Entry, Testicle Massage, Enlarging Your Penis, Helping Your Prostate, Touch Meditation and Strengthening Your Anus. These techniques lead to sexual satisfaction without ejaculation, to a healthier you, and a healthier prostate and sexual energy management. They enhance both your solo masturbation and your love-making techniques with a partner, in this case, Steve.

If you would like to have a sensual massage on the couch without tantric mindfulness and spiritual techniques, then a Sensual Erotic Male Massage or Lingam Edging may be your ideal choice. If you would like a level of reciprocation or interactivity with Steve, please consider the Shared Intimate Touch. I also offer a Male Body to Body Massage on the bed with increased body contact and adoration with penetration by Steve. All of these treatments can aim to include your ejaculation. If you are new to Tantra, you may wish to solo practice before you receive a Tantric Massage and Sexual Union - Steve offers Tantric Masturbation Meditation and Stretching Techniques

Your Options

Item Time Price
Tantric Massage & Sex 1 hour £140
Tantric Massage & Sex 1 hour 30 mins £180
Tantric Massage & Sex 2 hours £220
Tantric Massage & Sex 2 hours 30 mins £260
Tantric Massage & Sex 3 hours £300
Tantric Massage & Sex 3 hours 30 mins £340
Tantric Massage & Sex 4 hours £380
Tantric Massage & Sex 4 hours 30 mins £420
Tantric Massage & Sex 5 hours £460
+ Sensual Accesories (no extra) +£0
+ Shirodhara + 20 mins +£45
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

I admit initially I was nervous about seeing a male therapist. But when I entered the place and the room itself, with candles and music, you smiled and made me relaxed. It was much more intense than I imagined as I'd never before tried subtle energy movement when aroused. I went on to experience the tantric practice course which has taught me so much about sensual vulnerability. My partner and I now have amazing sex again, but in a completely different way! I am so pleased I had the courage and belief that I could improve my confidence and we could start exploring each other again. Our initial passion had gone and now it has reached a new level.

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