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Chakra Energy Balancing Consultation

This private consultation helps you recognise imbalance in your chakra energies, and discusses a variety of techniques to generate a balance. Steve is qualified by The Ayurveda Retreat, UK after extensive experience from Kerala, India. He practices Tantra, Hatha and Jnana Yoga. An excellent precursor to this is my Chakra Energy Concepts Course, however this is not required before your consultation.

The consultation provides:

  • Recognition of any imbalance in your 7 chakra centres. This is achieved mainly through your answers to questions emailed to you before the session. Steve can then prepare a personalised analysis ready for your arrival.
  • A discussion of ways to help you overcome those imbalances. This can include lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, crystals, aromatherapy, herbal infusions, meditation, massages, colours, music, mantras, mudras, reflexology, reiki, yoga, stretching, yantras, and breathing exercises. Some of these balnacing technqiues are available as treatments and training courses here at the suite, other techniques will be best provided by a third party holistic practitioner.

Please note I do not diagnose medical conditions and you should [continue to] consult your medical practitioner for medical advice. The advice I give is complimentary to your medical advice.



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Chakra Balancing Consultation 40 mins £38
Chakra Balancing Consultation 60 mins £55
Chakra Balancing Consultation 90 mins £75
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I've been having relationship difficulties and thought that I would try chakra balancing instead of counselling as it is something that I can do myself without needing to see anyone.

Read my blogs on chakra balancing for more of my personal knowledge and experience.

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