Sensual Accessories

To heighten sensation, Steve can use accessories as part of any tantric treatment or tantra training programme, and are included in the price of the treatment or training course. For example, they can be included in Tantric Masturbation, Meditation & StretchingSensual Erotic Male Massage, Prostate Massage, Lingam Edging, Tantric Massage & Sex, Body to Body Massage. Shared Intimate Touch, Tie and Tease, Conscious Surrender, Slippy Wrestling and Play Fighting, Male Sexual Role Play, The Sensory Buff, Game of Requests & Dirty Talk, Cum For Me, Male Tantric Massage Training, Tie and Tease Training, Male Body to Body Massage Training, Male Sensual Erotic Massage Practical TrainingMale Self-Pleasuring Performance Practical Training and, of course, the Sensual Accessories Practical Training. Discuss what you would like as a one-off treatment, or as a programme of developmental treatments or training sessions that explore your ability to enjoy or use these sensory tools.

Explore and be honest about what you want, what you desire, and what excites you. Personal intimacy with yourself and/or with another, is key to satisfaction and well-being.

Sensual accessories you can enjoy at Man On The Couch include:

  • Aromas and Scents - eg dirty jocks, socks, trainers, poppers, candles, essential oils, lotions and incense.
  • Hot and Cold stimulation - I can apply hot candle wax, hot stones, hot herbal compresses and hot flannels to warm and relax. Cooling gel, cold flannels or ice will numb and contract the area to provide contrasting sensations between cold and warm.
  • Soft ostrich feathers for light caressing.
  • A modern 'bed of nails' - a Shakti mat - to stimulate every inch of your back at the same time with pinpoint pressure. This is great for acupressure and slightly painful when first experienced, but after 5 minutes, you bear with the sensations in the nerves and the feeling afterwards as the blood flow is increased, is wonderful! 
  • Clothing - whether you prefer something masculine (such as leather chaps and harness, hood, mask, jocks, PVC, leather boots, jeans and T-shirt), something more soft or feminine (like white cotton, silk boxer shorts, silk panties, stockings or hold up tights), gym kit wear, tight swimming speedos, a suited and booted office guy or kinky police man- I have a ready selection to wear. Or I may be able to wear what you bring.
  • Gym equipment - kettlebells, mats, gymball and resistance bands and upper body strengtheners to get us sweaty.
  • Toys - vibrating stimulators for the prostate, penis, scrotum, nipples or buttocks, nipple clamps and suckers, inflatable anal plugs, anal balls, a variety of dildo's, cock rings, vacuum pump, ball stretchers, anal and cock chastity locks.
  • Restraints - blindfolds, bed corner ties (spreadeagle on back or front), wrists to thighs, silk and rope ties, handcuffs, mouth gags, whip, riding cane, paddles, dog collar and lead, masks.
  • Electro-stimulation - I have muscular stimulating and pain reducing devices (TENS and Electro Muscular Stimulation) which can be attached directly to nipples, scrotum, penis, buttocks, thighs or crack.
  • Nuru Gel - a super lubricant for sliding body to body, ultra-slippery and slick.
  • Food and Drink - ravish your tastebuds with champagne, martini out of a belly button, strawberries, cream, melted chocolate, and other delights.
  • Music - I can stream tracks from huge online selections, so if you really need to hear that sound....

A personal treatment can have many physical and emotional benefits - it can re-balance hormones, muscles, stress or pain by stimulating nerves, improving blood supply and releasing pleasure hormones. However, when you also add in a new physical inanimate object for new fields of experience, your body can also respond with a dullness, anxiety or self-doubt. It is important that these responses are considered thoughtfully, being well prepared in order to better achieve your end goal experience. For this reason, it is important you and Steve consider the following aspects both before and after any experience: appropriate background and experience, health and safety concerns, your objective, and your sense of well-being without the use of accessories, as a full journey of soulful enlightenment and sensual adventure.

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Item Time Price
Use of Sensual Accessories (within a Tantra treatment) 25 mins + +£0
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

My mind and body really responds to the feeling of being controlled, bound and submissive. I feel mentally liberated, expressive, and at one with myself. It takes my body away from my normal zone.

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