Tie & Tease

Tied and teased on a bed whilst blindfolded, can be a very erotic experience. It adds fun and games, theatre and drama to your experience, where Steve leads through in total control, and you are tied up and exposed to the thrill of the unknown.

Arrive and go into the bedroom alone, get yourself undressed down to your underwear, putting your clothes on a bedstool. Lie face up and put on a blindfold. Ties and toys will be around you ready for the unknown magic to begin. Steve will walk in and hold your hand gently. Stroke your arm. Tie your wrist. Will he be wearing leather or stockings? Underwear jocks, or commando? He straddles your palm with his cock and balls and you discover he is open to you. He slowly thrusts through your palm, savouring each movement through your hands. You put on a little spit onto your other hand and stretch over to rub his head, moistening it and making it thicker to your grip. 

He straddles your torso and whips his cock on your chest, rubbing his butt hungrily on your tummy. He moves forward and back enjoying all the skin on skin contact. You can feel the tops of his stockings on your sides. You lift your head to get closer to that unseen, large cock, wanting to taste its meat. Your free hand starts playing with his thigh and his big hard cock and he whacks it on your cheeks and pushes it in your mouth. You can choke on that and taste its precum.

He ties up your free hand, pulls down your underwear and throws them off the bed and ties up your ankles so you are spreadeagled, very hard and aroused. You want more, so he climbs back on you and touches your rock hard cock for the first time. You are blindfolded, which serves to enhance the sensation of touch and the sounds of your groaning breath. Will you get to experience some of his sensual accessories whilst blindfolded? Will he play with your feet or nipples? Will he sit his warm butt on your cock before you cum? Will he cum in your mouth? Will he shoot a hot facial over your mouth? Will he savour your lips and tongue with his fingers, saliva or his own tasty tongue and lips? Will he suck your cock and balls? Will he scratch his fingers down your chest? Will he grab both cocks together and start jerking them together? Find out...

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Item Time Price
Tie and Tease 30 mins £100
Tie and Tease 45 mins £120
Tie and Tease 60 mins £140
Tie and Tease 90 mins £180
Tie and Tease 2 hours £220
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The build up was so exciting and the first touch exquisite when I was blindfolded and after a while I then felt your leather jock with the tips of my fingers. Superbly erotic from the very start.

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