The Glory Hole

The Glory Hole provides an anonymous, oral, quick, sexual release. It offers you discretion, cleanliness, professionalism, simplicity and convenience, before, during and after the service. At Man on the Couch, it is also in the appropriate colour of aubergine! 😉 

Feed your cock and/or arse hole through the curtain hole and sense the pleasure of a professional blow job, rimming (arse licking and tongue-fucking the very sensitive hole), use of anal toys sch as dildos and vibrators, and/or cock-fucking session. Whichever service you choose, your cock, balls, precum and cum are all consumed in a warm, wet and very willing mouth and your hole can be too! You can unload deep into the throat as it's oral without protection (owo), ie no condoms. If you prefer to wear your cock, or suck, with a condom, please say as this is fine too.

It is a great starting point for anyone who feels anxious about receiving a sexual service and wants discretion, speed and anonymity. The purest and simplest of sexual desires for a man is to pump his cock inside a warm hole and fire his load, without any need for foreplay, conversation or vulnerability, and then leave. The Hole Truth be told, you're a Hot Bull Stud and you don't need to let your sacred seed go to waste!

If you'd like a longer edging session than The Glory Hole offers, and more attention to your vulnerability, communication, sensuality, body energies and fetishes, with visual and personal closeness, then please choose other tantric experiences, such as Lingam Edging, Prostate MassageGame of Requests, Cum For Me, Sensual Erotic Massage, Shared Intimate Touch, Body to Body Massage, Tantric MassageMale Sexual Role Play, Tantric Yoga Touch, Conscious Surrender, Sensual Scrub and Shower, Sensual and Intimacy Coaching, Reiki Healing, Tantric Masturbation, Stretching and Meditation or Tie and Tease for example. Steve offers many alternatives to focus on arousing sexual energy, but none more so than The Gloryhole for a basic need to reach orgasm and release cum anonymously with another, although Sexy Live Messaging and Videos does come close for anonymity!

Lingam Edging is a very similar service to The Glory Hole, but instead of being anonymous behind the blackout fabric, you can enjoy being edged anywhere in the whole suite, whether you prefer the bed, treatment couch, shower, hallway, or all four! 

Designed for bulls who need to be quickly, quietly and discretely served, at The Glory Hole you can enjoy a master at work here, a great cocksucker, who will have your shaft and head throbbing to release precum and cum, and loves being an explorer. Don’t begin by thinking you know the way to the end. He can treat each adventure as an exploration and find the paths of pleasure that are just right for the cock and balls in front of him. This gloryhole is a place where men can just be a base animalistic man, without chat, and then leave.

Have you always wanted to try a gloryhole but never got a chance? Man on the Couch's Glory Hole service is safer, more secure, cleaner and discrete than going to a cruising ground, a private shop's back rooms, a dogging site, a stranger from an app hook up at their place or a hotel room, a late night cruising club dark room, and a sauna's rooms. This is a perfectly made gloryhole, for a perfect bull, and a willing mouth 😍 It will be private - no one else will walk in and form a queue behind you, or be waiting outside the front door to spot you. You are provided with enough time to secure your privacy. It is professional. 

Choose your service and time slot and pay the fee in advance by BACS transfer or card. If necessary, you can hand cash through the letterbox before you come in. If you wish to keep visual anonymity at maximum from Steve, you can wear a balaclava or hood to cover your face. It could all happen in half an hour of contacting Steve, if he's free when you contact him. Steve will then set the stage and orchestrate the scene when you arrive - including unlocking Man on the Couch's private entrance door, so he doesn't have to answer it and see you, and you can let yourself in. If you want to sniff some dirty stained jocks, panties or stockings whilst stood there being sucked, wear a hood/balaclava, see pictures of some tits, or ask Steve to wear a balaclava, ask and he will accommodate if possible.

The Glory Hole is in a hall doorway, alongside a seating stool, with cleansing sanitiser for your hands, balls, arse and cock and anywhere else you’d like to freshen up before and afterwards. There is also a private toilet, sink and shower in a bathroom available for you at the end of the hallway. The Glory Hole is in a blackout professional fabric so there’s no peeking or seeing through to the other side. You feel safe and good behind it which makes a big difference to other places. It is cleaned between visits in the wash. The gloryhole is set up for standing, sitting down or kneeling. The aperture hole is perfectly sized so Steve can access all your goods. Unzip and present your cock through the gloryhole and let your professional oral and hand service begin. Your preferences are noted and promptly serviced on arrival. This is anonymous, quick, deep throat cock and heavy bull balls' worship at its professional best!

Some men are silent, some are very verbal - it all works. Communication between partners is a key success to tantra and an anonymous gloryhole enables some men to be verbal for the first time and get used to being verbal with anonymity. Using language is a means by which Steve can sense how well he is pleasuring you and by which techniques. He can control how quickly you release. He can edge and get you to bust deep into his mouth. Grunt, groan, and gasp, and give instructions.

Anonymous, quick oral is for when you simply need to bust your load. Your hormones are telling you to shoot your load, and your cock is looking for some discrete sucking of its shaft and highly sensitive head, oozing its delicious precum, and shooting your precious DNA load. Grab the back of Steve's head with both hands and fuck his throat. Slap his face with your demanding dick. Married guys, long term gay partners, bi lads, straight men, ...there are many who aren't getting enough frequent oral or anal pleasure at home. Steve's waiting and ready to serve you these sexual activities you may be unfortunately lacking at home. Are you ready to be worshiped? Steve is ready to serve you at the gloryhole and become your new favourite private hole 💦  The Glory Hole is open 9am to 6pm… book a slot and empty your balls anon. Slurp, yum...all your seed dismissed, leaving you satisfied.

If you find yourself in or near Southampton, come and have your cock (and your mind) blown. Standing up, sitting down, bending over and/or kneeling, with optional face hood. Finding the time is easy and very sexy exercise run around Southampton Central parks and The Common can easily lead to The Gloryhole, then you can take the most enjoyable of rests while getting serviced, then shower or continue on your run....That’s interval training yes?! 😉 Early morning visit for morning wood....a lunchtime or coffee buying break from your local office….a quick after-work destress release….when you're horned up after a gym workout….travelling through on your way to someone in Hampshire or beyond….staying overnight locally....down for a work meeting....filling a spare half hour before meeting friends for drinks or a meal….an after-work monthly treat on the first Tuesday of every month. You can book to visit The Glory Hole anytime to suit your day in my slot…enjoy the warm mouth, lips and tongue licking and sucking the cum out of it and taking it all…never a drop wasted!

Filming of your blowjob is offered as an unedited extra service and cost, so you can re-live the feeling later. You must say when booking your session if you want a digital video which is always from Steve's side. The digital film can be from the floor, a chair, handheld and with a stable tripod. Choose your favourite angle and also if you want Steve to be anonymous in a hood/balaclava, wear trackies and trainers, panties and stockings, or leather, or be naked and playing with his cock. Bear in mind videos can show off your arms if you use the handslots, meaning that you see identifying wedding rings or tattoos. All films will be deleted by Steve once sent through to you.


The facilities and attention to detail:

*Shower and wash facilities (wet wipes, sink, toilet, shower) for BEFORE and AFTER your session. Note your time in the bathroom is costed in the treatment time of 15 or 30 minutes.

*Set up for standing, sitting down or kneeling, with height adjustment sleeves for taller and shorter leg heights.

*Be licked, sucked, and/or penetrated, masturbate into a mouth or onto a hole.

*Steve is a very experienced man who knows how to suck and penetrate. He also is tested for STIs every two months and is HIV negative.

*A private trusted, successful and full time business premises, for over 15 years

*Prepayment ensures anonymity of face. You can wear a balaclava/mask/hood for extra protection.

*Light weight and machine washable gloryhole fabric- Cleanliness is taken care of.

*Flexible fabric to absorb rougher action - Quality of workmanship for the rougher bulls.

*Permeable to sound to help enhance the experience - good sex is about good communication, after all.

*Optional hand slots for visitors to get more hands on and grab the back of the servicing head for extra thrust, depth and connection.

*Flat and taught central area.

Your Options

Item Time Price
The Glory Hole - One way BJ, Rimmed, Anal Finger & Toy Play 15 mins £60
The Glory Hole - One way BJ, Rimmed, Anal Finger & Toy Play 30 mins £80
The Glory Hole - One way BJ, Rimmed & Cock Fucked 15 mins £80
The Glory Hole - One way BJ, Rimmed & Cock Fucked 30 mins £100
+ Unedited Digital Film - +£20
The Glory Hole - Two way BJ, Rimmed, Anal Finger & Toy Play 15 mins £90
The Glory Hole - Two way BJ, Rimmed, Anal Finger & Toy Play 30 mins £100
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Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money. We reserve the right to charge the full appointment fee for missed appointments and cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.

Insanely hot edged session which served every inch of my beaut 😈 He takes the verbal domination too…..I was getting closer and closer...made me so excited for the big explosion which he caught on camera for me

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