Male Tantric Massage Practical Training

Available in Spain if you want to practice with more people, and available as private tuition at the suite in Southampton.

This training is adaptable to teach students with no previous massage experience although it is useful to have a Professional Body Massage training qualification, and experience of Tantric Masturbation, Meditation & StretchingMale Tantric Massage & Sex and Tantric Practice prior to this training. This course also forms part of Man On The Couch's definitive male tantric treatments training course, the Diploma in Male Tantric Treatments.

Hours of practice will give you the confidence, knowledge and ability to massage while heightening personal intimacy, sexual arousal, and spiritual awareness. The genitals, perineum, buttocks, thighs, lower back, abdomen, and anal prostate massage are the main tantric areas. The chakras (7 main bodily energy centres) are also key to this practice. This massage is a true learning treat for a partner or client with the focus on edging the client close to orgasm and keeping them just from the point of no return and ejaculation, thereby keeping the energy inside and around the whole body. It aims to teach the partner or client to move their mind and body beyond the states of usual physical techniques of sexual arousal.

Tantric Massage focuses on energy, the mind, communication skills, and sexual arousal. learn how to perform worshipful annointing and tantric honouring of a man's body, treated through spiritual rituals, touch, meditation, breathwork and verbal instruction, aiming to take your partner or client into a blissful state, above and beyond the ego. It is a sacred art form. Open and explore the spiritual and wonderful world of sensual body energy, beyond the usual physical means. Steve will teach tantric practices such as breath control, using sounds and groans, and techniques to move the sexual energy up into your higher chakras aswell as deeper chakras. Meditation is often used in tantra to enhance the mindfulness of sexual experience and take you into realms that you can't achieve without meditative practice, preventing energy stagnation and blockages, and opening you up in a holistic and sensual way. It aims to be enlightening, freeing, and an ecstatic exploration for the person being treated.

Learning at Man On The Couch's suite in Southampton offers personal training benefits to suit you. Only you, as a couple or individual, are taught in the training, so there's no embarrassment or time lost from the presence of other students. All the time is therefore dedicated to maximise your skills at tantric massage. The warm, homely, and relaxing environment here allows you to learn tantric massage together with the experience and knowledge of a fully qualified massage and holistic therapist, Steve, who has PTLLS Level 4 teaching qualification. You can work at your own pace, and around your own schedules, with flexible training dates and times to suit you - you can choose to complete the training in a day, or over a number of smaller sessions, as your schedule allows. Training lengths are flexible to allow for students' different experience and goals.

Our focus, which can be personalised to your desired outcome and experience, can include the following:

  • An awareness of the risks, background, outcomes, preparation, benefits and aftercare for tantric massage.
  • Functional knowledge of the body's chakras, muscles, bones, and male tantric areas.
  • Knowledge and practice of a tantric massage routine.
  • Techniques for including chakras, mantras, meditations, breathing, sensuality, intimacy, spirituality and advanced massage techniques.

Techniques taught include: Belly Breathing, Century Count, Stopping The Stream, PC Pull Ups, Self-Pleasuring, Separating Orgasm from  Ejaculation, The Cool Draw, The Big Draw, Venting, The Finger Lock, Pelvic Massage, Soul-Mating, Sort Entry, Testicle Massage, Enlarging Your Penis, Helping Your Prostate, Touch Meditation and Strengthening Your Anus. These techniques lead to sexual satisfaction without ejacualation, to a healthier you, and a healthier prostate and sexual energy management.

You will come away with:

  • Hours of giving and receiving tantric massage, either on each other, or with a role model.
  • Tuition from an experienced qualified therapist, Steve.
  • An 80 page Sensual Massage Practice resource pack, with a background to tantra and a detailed step by step tantric reading list- no need for you to take notes or have an amazing memory.
  • 500ml of massage oil, 50 tealights, and 16 incense sticks for you to practice at home, with 12 hours or more of training..
  • Man On The Couch Certificate of Completion of the Tantric Massage Practice Training.
  • A great new skill to enjoy for years to come.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Tantric Massage Practical Training 2 hours £350
Tantric Massage Practical Training 6 hours £950
Tantric Massage Practical Training 12 hours £1,750
Follow Up Sessions and/or Advanced Techniques Each hour £170
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