Nipple Fetish Play

Nipple play is a fetish pleasure enjoyed by many men, including Steve himself. Nipples can be highly stimulating, if they are erotically hard-wired to the body's sexual arousal system. Pleasure homones instantly fuel the lustful desires in the energetic mind and precum release from a hardening cock.

So, let Steve give you this unique shock through your body, enliven your senses and rocket your arousal as he weaves his tongue, lips and fingers all over your ultra-sensitive nipples..Nipple play can also be included in with additional body fetishes, such as your underarms, ears, neck, feet, arse and genitals. Steve will play with your cock and balls with his hands until ejaculation if you'd like this. These other erotic areas are included in the price.

Playing with nipples usually includes pinching, twisting, pulling, plucking, licking, kissing and sucking, plus use of sensual accessories such as feathers, silk, aromas, and nipple clamps, whilst Steve is also playing with the cock and balls with his hands. Steve will bring you to release so that you shoot your load with nipple play. Oral stimulation of the nipples is included in the price, however if you'd like oral stimulation of your cock and balls, and/or anus, such as sucking, licking, rimming and kissing, this is an extra £30.

Nipple Fetish Play can be incorporated into Lingam Edging, Sensual Erotic Massage, Body to Body Massage, Tie and Tease, Conscious Surrender, Shared Intimate TouchGame of RequestsTantric Massage and many other Tantric Experiences.

Your Options

Item Time Price
Nipple Fetish Play 30 mins £50
Nipple Fetish Play 45 mins £70
Nipple Fetish Play 1 hour £90
+ Oral Stimulation to cock and balls (no extra) +£30
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I ADORE my nipples being played with! They give me so much pleasure like a shockwave directly to my cock, I love them being played with and with an extra pair of hands (compared to being by myself), I get twice the fun!

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