Tantra Training

Steve's Tantric Teachings and experiences have come from his worldly travels in India and Sri Lanka with the International Society of Temple Arts, the Tantra Love Academy, Castara Heights, Tantra Touch in Switzerland, and The Meditation and Massage Sessions. Steve has taught at his own private events, plus many UK communes, organisations and festivals including OSHO Leela, Glastonbury, WOMAD, Men Without Masks, and Tantra for Gay Men's Love Festival.

Tantra is an excellent source when you need some loving, like the sunshine. It releases many people from religious or societal upbringing, tackling restrictions, trauma, experiences and relationships that have left men feeling inhibited, sheltered and repressed in their emotions, desires and sexuality. Sex (and other life experiences) for men can often be kept behind their stage curtain, as activities that they see as dark, immoral, seedy, or shameful, with men often unable or not given the opportunity to converse about their true feelings. Tantra allows them to develop and own their own personal freedom of expression, openly talking about intimate sexual, soulful and spiritual experiences, which brings light, acceptance from others, profoundness and joy to you, as an individual.

Tantra is for many learning about and fulfilling their sexual lives to the maximum. Tantra goes beyond physical sex, into personal development. When men are with other men, individuals often hold their personal emotions in, hiding behind the group visage. Learn how to accept and practice your vulnerability, which will give you a mighty strength! It is a doorway to transformation.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy that uses chakra balancing, meditation, massage, yoga, music, song, art, poetry, dance and ritual practices to enlighten the powerful spiritual and emotional connection within you, making you feel the energy and its movement within and around your body, sometimes using primary sexual energy as its source. It is a journey where you can explore maintaining heights of pleasure and openness within your whole life. Learn about tantric exercises, treatments, trust and bliss from the lineages of Neo-Tantra (OSHO), Classical Indian Tantra and Taoist Tantra, with Steve. Bring your own practice models or Steve can provide them for you, or enjoy 1 on 1 training with Steve alone. You can choose the length and dates of your training. Open up and explore your own being!