10 Sex Tips for Men

Sex is more than just a physical act. It is an intimate process that improves our well-being. So, here are some tips to improve your well-being!

While there are similarities, there are also major differences in how people view sexual relationships. We don’t often tell each other how we feel and can often feel unsatisfied. Here are 10 great tips to help satisfy your partner:

1. When asking, be creative!
Never ask “Do you want to have sex?” because even your partner does, they might get embarrassed and turn you off. For some, sex is not just all about making out. It is a romantic affair. Your partner may think that all you want is sex. Make your partner feel that what you want is them. Ask if they want to make love with you by caressing hair, kissing in the side of lips, and whispering sweet words like “you are so beautiful”, “you’re very special to me”, and so on.

2. Keep the room warm.
You may want to switch off the air conditioner before making love. Heat causes the blood vessels to dilate which increases swelling of the penis and vagina. If you sweat, don’t worry. Sweating in men raises their testosterone levels, a fact that makes your partner more hooked during sex.

3. Invest in foreplay.
Just because it takes too long to reach orgasm doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you. From a dead start, it normally takes 40 minutes for women to reach their peak. You have to take “willingness” to the next level and make your partner “want” it. The trick is to set mood and the best way to do it is through the foreplay. Caress, kiss, hug, and touch. These things make us feel more loved, valued and appreciated. Reserve the big act for the finale.

4. Do it in the morning.
Many couples have inactive sexual relationships because they prefer to do it at night but when the dusk breaks, they no longer have the energy to do it. So instead of having sex at night, why not do it in the morning when you are more energetic and revitalised? Wait, there’s more – in the morning, you can take advantage in the surge of your testosterone!

5. Get to the G-spot.
It is not every time you can find the G-spot but when you do, you are sure to give the best sex ever. For women, it is located in the front section of the vaginal wall, between the cervix and the vaginal opening. For men, it is located in the front section of the anal wall, towards the perineum.

6. Introduce new techniques after arousal.
Don’t say you are interested in doing this and that while you are having dinner, watching TV, or driving your way home. If you are looking to hear a positive response from your partner, ask when they’re halfway to her peak. That’s the time when they’re most likely to take off the boundaries and be more ready for suggestions.

7. The more the merrier.
The more sex techniques you know, the more likely they will enjoy the activity. A good lover uses at least 20 touches. You should also be able to read body language. It is not all the time that your partner is in the best mood. Some of the techniques may work one day and not on another.

8. Keep your behind in shape.
One of the most admired body parts of men are their buttocks. You’ll find many exercises designed to make your buttocks bigger and sexier. Start squatting!

9. Appreciate beauty.
Tell them how beautiful they are and how great they look. And when you do, mean it! People don’t like to be seen naked. As you take clothes off, appreciate your partner’s vulnerability and sensitivity. Tell them what you love about their body as they undress. This also makes them more aroused.

10. Both of you should finish the race.
Partners usually reach their climax at different times. If you already reached yours, you should keep going even if you are already tired. It’s your responsibility to help your partner reach the finish line. What’s the best technique? Head south with your mouth!
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Best wishes, Steve