12 Reasons Why Sex Is Good for You

Many people are sexually active because they find sex to be pleasurable. But aside from making you feel good, sex offers plenty of benefits that extend well beyond the bedroom. This is not just a bluff, it’s true and science can prove it! Most of these also apply to massage too, so if you don't fancy sex, think of having a healthy massage instead!

Here are 12 reasons to stay a little longer under the sheets:

1. Regular sex helps you avoid sickness.
A study by the Wilkes University reveals that having sex once or twice a week increases the levels of IgA – an antibody that protects your body from infections and colds.

2. Sex relieves stress.
In their study published in the Biological Psychology, researchers from Scotland found that sex promotes stress reduction and helps lower down blood pressure. In their experiment, couples who had sexual intercourse responded better to a stressful situation than those who engaged in other sexual behaviour or didn’t have sex at all.

3. Sex makes you sleep better.
Can’t sleep? It’s time to do some romance with your partner! During sex, oxytocin is produced. This hormone was found to provide plenty of benefits, including better sleep. After an orgasm, there is a wave of intense relaxation and calmness. The next thing you know, the sun’s already breaking through your window!

4. It helps you lose weight!
Did you know that just thirty minutes of hot sex makes you burn 150 calories? Of course, you are not going to lose extra pounds just by making love with your spouse but certainly, sex will help!

5. Sex counts as exercise.
Failed to do your workout routine this morning? Make sure you and your partner go to bed early! Experts consider sex as a great form of exercise. It helps improve your balance, strength, flexibility, heart health, and not to mention – your emotional health!

6. Sex is a natural painkiller.
Orgasm stimulates the production of endorphins which resemble the effects of morphine minus the side effects! So the next time your head hurts, you know what to do!

7. Sex promotes heart health.
Some worry that the efforts put in sex may cause a stroke. But according to a study by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, it isn’t true. In fact, it was found that having sex once or twice a week reduces the risk of fatal heart attack in men by 50%.

8. It makes you look younger and beautiful.
The oestrogen and testosterone released during sex makes your skin more beautiful and your hair shinier!

9. Sex improves your self-esteem.
Higher self-esteem is one of the best benefits of sex, researchers from the University of Texas report. Even people with high self-esteem count on sex to feel much better, says Dr Gina Ogden, a sex therapist in Cambridge.

10. It strengthens your sense of intimacy.
The love hormone oxytocin activates the pleasure regions in your brain that makes you feel more involved and tied to your significant other. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina found that the more contact, the more oxytocin produced. This hormone is also produced when hugging, holding hands, massage, touching and being touched, and kissing.

11. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
In the study published in the British Journal of Urology International, it was found that men in their 20s who had frequent ejaculations are less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

12. It strengthens pelvic floor muscles.
Doing a few pelvic floor exercises during sex does not just intensify the pleasure in women but also strengthens the said area and prevent incontinence later in life.
Here's to more of good healthy sex!
Best wishes, Steve