15 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Exercise is, along with diet, two cornerstones of a healthy body. Here are some ways to help you get your body exercise back on track.

1. Schedule your workout.
Marking the workout days in your calendar is a great way to mentally and physically prepare yourself to it. Don’t just exercise whenever you want to. Include it in your schedule. Exercising doesn’t have to be done daily. Three times a week will do. Scheduling your workout activities also help you make exercising a priority.

2. Get a gym buddy.
This really works! When you exercise alone, you might find it less enjoyable. Find someone who can go with you to the gym. He or she may be your best friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, or work colleague – anyone who can share the same workout schedule with you. Well, don’t limit yourself with just one exercise buddy. The more, the merrier!

3. Treat yourself!
Isn’t it lovely to get a full body massage after a strenuous workout? Once in a while, reward yourself for exercising as a way to motivate yourself more. For instance, if you complete the three-day workout sessions in the gym for this week, buy yourself some new clothes, watch a movie, or hang out with friends. When you expect a reward, the more motivated you will become.

4. Watch your calorie intake.
Try to count how many calories you consume every day. The recommended calorie intake for men is 2,500 and for women, 2,000. Too much can lead to weight gain. But if you exercise, you can turn your body into a fat-burning engine that can even burn away the dessert you had last night.

5. Visualise a sexier you.
Who doesn’t want to develop a hotter figure? Another great way to motivate yourself to exercise is to visualise a fitter, slimmer you! Visualise.

6. Hire a fitness coach.
You want to see results fast – why not hire a fitness coach? He or she can design a personalised workout activity that fits your needs. It’s always worth the investment.

7. Keep the weighing scale nearby.
If you keep an eye to your weight, you will become more motivated to shed some pounds even with a slight gain. If you weigh yourself at least once a week, you can develop a mindset to keep it down as days go by.

8. Sign up for an exercise class.
You will learn more about the best techniques to make exercising a more enjoyable activity when you sign up for a workout class. It really helps!

9. Think of a less-stressful life.
Exhausted of too much work? Have relationship issues? One great way to unwind and uplift your mood is to perspire! Exercising stimulates the production of endorphins in your brain, which in turn enlightens your mood.

10. Read. Read. Read.
The more you know about exercising, the more you become motivated to incorporate it in your life. Surf the web, buy fitness books, and scan magazines. They are great sources of information!

11. Don’t overdo it.
If you spend too much time exercising, you will end up physically and mentally exhausted instead of feeling energised and alert. Studies show that 4-7 hours of exercise a week is the best to reap its benefits.

12. Buy new clothes (smaller ones)
If you are not happy about your weight, shop for new clothes that are smaller in your current size. Just by looking at them in your closet will already make you feel motivated to sweat your fats out!

13. Do something you enjoy.
Exercising doesn’t have to be the old, boring and exhausting workout sessions. Exercise comes in many forms – dancing, yoga, sports, gardening, cycling, swimming, etc. As long as you keep your body moving, you are exercising!

14. Bring your workout clothes to work.
Pack everything you need for your workout session and bring it to the office so you will have no reason not to pursue going to the gym whenever you feel like sweating out after work.

15. Set realistic goals.
Instead of exercising for 30 minutes a day, start with 15 minutes. It’s best to begin with small steps as you are still building a habit and over time gradually increase the exercise period little by little.
Best wishes, Steve