22 Reasons Why Massage Can Lead to Satisfying Sex

Have you ever thought about re-igniting a fulfilling, sexual experience? Giving and receiving a massage together is one way to achieve better sexual satisfaction. Here are the reasons why:

1.      1. Massage releases endorphins which reduce pain levels – ideal for ensuring uncomfortable positions and thrusts don’t cause you to groan in pain rather than pleasure.

2.      2. Massage stretches muscles, broadening muscle tissue, which allows for greater mobility and flexibility of body parts.

3.      3. Touch between two people encourages trust and a bond of friendship through the 1-on-1 attention.

4.      4. Massage of intimate areas is a great precursor to moving onto sex - you’re already making contact in the right area.

5.      5. Massage stimulates the nerves and a sense of sensuality, giving an invigorating, tingling glow.

6.      6. Massage allows two people to take turns to massage, so you can both practice giving and receiving on different occasions, developing a stronger, more even relationship.

7.      7. Massage allows you to give verbal feedback more readily than is often possible during sex, so take the opportunity to open up and tell your partner what you like and dislike about their massage moves – their pace, depth of pressure, areas of the body you like or dislike, length of time spent on each area, that you want a new technique, to try some accessories (see below!), prefer a different position,a different oil, or a new bed! Then perhaps you can discuss the same aspects of your sexual activities.

8.      8. Massage improves blood circulation, which provides energy to all body parts and is essential for sexual arousal.

9.      9. The prepared environment, often including a couch or bed, candles, soft music, exotic smells, and the absence of distractions such as mobile phones and TV, encourages a calming, seductive, attentive atmosphere.

10.  10. Oil makes the skin glisten and attractive, improving muscle tone and appearance.

11.  11. Massage warms the body, ideal for relaxing into a cosy, close hug or more.

12.  12. Dopamine levels rise, increasing our ability to feel pleasure.

13.  13. Massage reduces cortisol levels, bringing comfort and well-being, a reduction of stress, depression and anxiety.

14.  14. Massage balances the mind, easing emotional expression, providing clarity of thought, and a serene, more laid back approach.

15.  15. Massage leads to improved self-image, it makes us feel good and confident about our bodies.

16.  16. Herbal and essential oils can be used to heighten sensation and increase variety of emotion.

17.  17. Accessories can be used to provide a variety of techniques to the massage – feathers, hot stones, hot compresses, sticks, candle wax…the list is as deep as your imagination!

18.  18. Different body areas can be massaged – such as the face, scalp, feet, back, thighs, buttocks, tummy, hands – so it encourages you to get to know all of your partner’s body!

19.  19. You can divert away from a usual routine practice by using a variety of strokes – each massage can be different even with using just your hands. Learn a variety of techniques, mix and match, and follow your instinct! This practice can be used in sex too.

20.  20. Massage is not about ‘the end’, it is about the journey. The purpose of a massage session together is not about ejaculation or orgasm, it can be about promoting the enjoyment of pleasure and the moment, about exploring each other’s body, each other’s sensitivities.

21.  21. Both parties often enjoy massage – treating someone is very satisfying, and being treated is just as wonderful. Both of you are in a win-win situation.

22.  22. Serotonin levels increase, vital for a good night’s sleep and a trance-like dreamy effect on the mind – so you can float through the next course in a happy daze!

Massage can be a mind-altering, sensual experience between two people, which is ideal as a precursor to sex.

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