A World of Love

In my meditations recently I have been sat with the question about “What would it be like to love all of yourself?”

At first glance, it’s easy to brush it all off and say of course I love all of myself, or I love myself.

But the bit I am after in this self-reflection, is the parts of you that you don’t love or don’t like about yourself. If you were to start to make a list of those areas, it could start to be quite telling.

On a pathway of self-exploration and self-development, self-acceptance for me is one of the keys of Love. I describe Love as being something you can experience, either on your own, with another object or person, but I also want to introduce the idea of it being a state of being. By this I mean, feeling in contact with your heart centre as well as your logical head both at the same time. See if you can practice that for a while, how it is to sit between these 2 places, head and heart and then take a look around you. The world can start to look quite different.

I would describe this as being the optimal way of being, connected with both in tandem. As a Tantric Practitioner, I see so many clients on a day to day basis for massage, meditation, and music, where my primary job seems to be supporting them to come back into their body, and back into their emotional self, back into connection with their heart.

I know myself that when I spend days at my PC, it can be all too easy to loose that connection. I find in offering body work to clients, it really supports me to come back to myself and it feels like I am in a state of meditation. A state of being connected with both mind, body and spirit.

I believe that in my Tantric Massage sessions that I give, that I am in that moment, in divine contact with Love. Actually I would take it that one step further and say that “I am Love”. Just see if you can do that now, and say “I am love”. Notice how your body and how your energy feels when you say that. In particular pay attention to those parts of you that do not believe that. See if you can feel them around your body. Notice where they are. Are they next to your belly, or in your legs, or in your chest? 

You see I believe that the reason why our planet is dangerously close to many issues, poison in our oceans, melting polar caps, increasing carbon dioxide levels is because humanity itself does not love itself. Issues are around esteem, especially fear, not feeling good enough, fear of lack, or fear of not enough, or wanting more, and a lack of respect for the environment and other inhabitants of the world. For me these all lead to humanity making the wrong decisions. As the north pole melts, Russia can’t wait to get oil rigs in there to pump up what’s underneath the sea bed. We know that oil causes increases in CO2 emissions, yet we still do the actions that hurt the place that we live in. But if it wasn’t Russia, it would be any country in this world. And I feel at an individual level, we must take responsibility for the people that we put into government. We put them there. We chose them to make decisions on our behalf. Interestingly look at the USA. The people of the US put President Obama into power. You could say at first glance, he is a heart centred man. He brought in affordable health care for all of the US, including those in poverty. Yet the house of Congress wanted it repealed. But it was the people of the US that put those Congress  into power. They put people into power that did not believe that all of their fellow citizens deserved or needed healthcare. You only have to see certain areas in cities like New Orleans to see the poverty of people that cannot afford healthcare.

If Love were at the centre of the decisions that we make, I wonder how the world would be different. When I talk to people about this they think I am mad. What really? A world of Love? That’s just not possible. But you see the only difference between that view and mine is belief and trust. A belief that it is possible, a belief that it can happen. I ask the question about how 100,000 people have died in the latest conflict in Syria? How on earth did this happen? If the people at the UN that made different decisions, would it have been less of a death toll?

I believe in a World of Love. I have to believe in a world of Love because to believe in anything else makes our humanity less than the glorious, loving and abundant world that I want to be a part of.

That is why I dedicate my living moments to creating experiences of Love. To help people remember they are Love. You see, my strapline is Relax and Love Your Body. If I can learn to love all parts of myself, all of myself, then I might then start to love other people the same. And when they are not connected in love, instead of judging or condemning them, I would have compassion and support them in the times that they are not connected in love. Because I know the times in myself when I am not connected in Love. And in those I would have compassion for myself, and therefore could feel that for others. And then I would look out for other examples of Love and I would want to connect with those. I would continue on a journey of self-exploration to keep continually looking at the aspects of myself that I do not love.

I don’t write this article as someone who has it all sorted. I didn’t create al Covo as someone who puts themselves forward with all of  the answers. But it starts with me and al Covois my way of helping humanity towards a more heart centred loving place. So that what is within is also that is on the out. Welcome to a world of Love.

If you resonate with this, then please come and join me. Come and join me for a session or retreat to explore more.

Take care, rest, relax, be loved and I look forward to the opportunity of seeing you soon.

PLease come in for a tantra treatment or training to experience more.

Love Steve xxx