Acupressure Points of Digestion and Headaches

I really enjoy writing practical Acupressure Therapy tips on how the points can be applied for healing yourself and others.

This blog will give you a few ways to enhance your life and show you how easy and useful it is to use Acupressure.

The Depths of Points:
Did you know each point has a different depth? An acupuncturist must know the point’s depth to reach it by inserting a needle. By using finger pressure, most points only require 1/4 inch of slow, gradual pressure to reach the point.

However CV6, which is two finger widths below your belly button, is 1/2 inch deep into your abdomen. Try pressing CV6 while laying on your back. Apply the pressure gradually, in super slow motion, to boost effectiveness.

To Benefit your Colon, hold CV6 firmly for 2 minutes as you breathe deeply into your belly. Maintain the firm abdominal pressure as you breathe into the pressure to benefit your intestinal tract. For best results, practice twice daily and be sure to breathe deeply.

On an obese body, the amount of pressure varies, depending upon your condition and sensitivity. If a person has been sick or weak or has fibromyalgia, apply only a gentle touch. But a heavy person, with a stocky, strong framed healthy body, may need much deeper pressure.


HEADACHES can commonly occur and be prevented by using Acupressure on GB 20. GB 20 is just under the base of the skull (the occipital ridge) on each side of the neck, about 2 cms away from the spine to the left and to the right. Take 5-minutes using the three levels of pressure (light, medium and deep) for a minute each on GB 20, underneath the base of your skull.

Hold GB20 until you get clear pulses on both sides that come into sync. Then ground yourself or the clientby holding their toes for three more minutes. After a workout or receiving a massage, these Acupressure hands-on suggestions can truly transform your healing work.


How to Channel Greater Healing Energy Using Acupressure:
If you find a tender point — hold it lightly. If the area is tight or knotted —  meet it firmly as you breathe slowly and deeply. After you inhale deeply, hold your breath for a few seconds to assimilate the oxygen; then exhale smoothly & slowly. Inhale as you gather the life force, and direct this energy into the points you're holding on yourself or on a client, as you exhale. Focus on breathing slowly and deeply to channel more healing energy.

Alternatively please come in for an Acupressure Treatment!

Steve xx