Its All About The Eyes

I want to talk to youabout it all being in the eyes. If you think about your day-to-day life, it’s not very often that we actually spend some time just looking into somebody’s eyes. You know, if you ever catch somebody’s eyes we often quickly just avert our attention and look elsewhere and we kind of don’t make that deeper contact. Some poeple find it difficult to look into their own eyes in the mirror and instead focus on blemishes, eyebrows, hair, wrinkles and other items of less interest.

One of the things Tantra offers is an ability to become much deeper, much more intimate, much more connected. To demonstrate this, try an experiment right here right now…so if you’re sitting comfortably I just want you just to look into your own eyes for a moment in the mirror. I want you to first take a deep breath into your belly. Then keep a nice, slow, deep breath going in and out. And all I want you to do is just look into your eyes and imagine that they are looking back into yours.How does this feel? Does it feel as if you're looking into another soul? Do you see pain? Do you see joy? Do you feel fear? Does it make you feel anxious? Self-obsessed? I want to ask the question - what do you see? You’ll notice that there’s something very deep and very profound and very beautiful about just looking into your eyes.

For me, when I look into somebody else’s eyes, I think the biggest thing it does for me is it connects me with love and a deeper sense of knowing, a deeper sense of connection with another person. But also more profoundly with myself. So if you have a partner, for me, I really encourage you to spend some time over the next week, just taking 5 or 10 minutes out and just looking into each other’s eyes without any needing to speak, without any needing to do anything. Just really slowing it down and really look and hold the look, the closeness that comes from being in each other’s eyes.

As we say in Tantra, it’s all in the eyes, everything you’re looking for is in the eyes of the other person.

Let me know how you get on, thank you!