Love versus Fear

Love Vs Fear - Which One Are You?

If I were to say to you that one aspect of Tantra is about listening to your heart's desires, you would probably agree and say 'yes of course!' But let’s stop for a moment and really listen to that feeling inside. You see in this busy, busy world, we can think that we are listening to our hearts and think that what we are doing is what we really want to do and along that pathway find that we have actually been doing what we think we “should” be doing.

This can lead to all kinds of behaviours in ourselves that take us away from feeling, and being free and ecstatic human beings. Some would argue that it takes us away from being who we truly are. That our heads, our logic takes us away form who we truly are.

In some esoteric communities there is talk that 2012 was the year of change. The year where the power houses all around us collapsed because we moved from the solar plexus (place of power) to the heart centre. If we look around, there is some evidence of this. Banks did not do very well; we kept hearing day after day about the issues with the Euro Zone, and recession. It’s been all doom and gloom and not a pretty picture and the outlook has not improved.

But I am sat here thinking and feeling into what I am seeing, and on one level I am wondering what has physically changed. Practically, has anything changed? Was the economic crisis fuelled by fear? If you have ever heard of the work of Neale Donald Walsch you will hear him say that there are only two true emotions: love and fear. So did all the banking and economic crisis happen because of fear? Did our bankers and economists forget to be connected with their hearts and with love?

So could it be right that we got into this economical pickle because of fear? Hmmmmm, interesting. So if what Neale says is correct, that there are only these two true emotions, then do we need to move into love and not fear?

I always wonder what politics would actually look like if our MPs in the Houses of Parliament went on a seven day Tantra workshop?? Would they still be shouting backwards and forwards, or would they discuss ethically and with respect for each other how to move our country forwards? Interesting thoughts, but I digress from my main topic.

If we as humans were more connected with our love centre, in fact if we used love as the premise for anything we did, I wonder what our world would look like.

For thousands of years we have relied on our governments and churches to tell us what we should do and how we should organise ourselves. If the theory of the 2012 paradigm that we are entering is true, then it means that these power houses are no longer valid to us. They do not represent what it is our soul and human forms are wanting to do.

So where do we get the our new information from? If these power houses are no longer valid, where do we get our sense of centre from? If we listened to the churches and to the governments, they would all tell us that we have to listen to them for the right answers. But I ask you this - if they were so right, why aren’t we living in utopia now? Surely if they were completely right then I would not feel marginalised as a gay man by the church, and I wouldn't be wondering what on earth the government is doing with my hard earned taxes. We would all be experiencing love and ecstasy and not know any different.

So where is the answer? Well, this might sound shocking (being tongue in cheek), but, sssshhhh, don’t tell everybody, the answer is inside you. It’s in your heart centre. There is quite often a conflict that is inside us between our heads and our hearts. I wonder where the churches and governments are? In their hearts or in their heads?

How does this relate to Tantra? In Tantra we believe that everything that is inside us is also outside of us. That means what we process internally; logically and emotionally, is outside of us too. In fact you could argue that the collective expression of our logic and emotions is what has created the world we see around us today.

In Tantra, we believe the heart centre has as much precedence as the logical head. We believe our sexual energy, our heart, our mind should all act in union together in equal proportions. But if I were to ask you how much of your day do you spend in your heart, no one has ever yet told me that they spend at least a third of their day in that time. How would it be to spend a third of our day connected in our love and heart centres? Would we be happier and more ecstatic beings? Would we love the world, our life and the people that we live with? Would there be people starving on our planet? Would the polar caps be melting?

Back to the very part of you that wants to create, that wants to love, that wants to express itself, that wants to be free; to know such complete freedom that each time you meet one frontier of freedom, you find a whole new array of peaks of freedom to explore. For what is our purpose as humanity - is it to be the biggest and richest person? What we find is that this does not fulfil us like it used to. So what is this purpose, is it to keep creating and to keep exploring new parts of ourselves? Is it to find our freedom? To find a way that allows our souls and spirits to fly in glorious and delicious free expansiveness?

So in this process I say to you - live your heart's desires. Allow yourself to explore what it is that your heart wants. Allow it to open, to sing, to be free, to play, to laugh and most of all allow your heart to love.

If you want to learn about the essence of Tantra, allow yourself to divide you day into segments. Allow yourself for a proportion of your day (minimum of four hours) to be connected in your heart centre. Okay, I get this is a rather simplistic approach, and in truth what Tantra offers us is to be in our heart centre, sexual energy centre and logic centre all at the same time, in union. Tantra is about being in union with all parts of yourself and with all parts of others. It is also about being with all of yourself, both the light parts of you that you show to others and the shadow parts of yourself too. Why?

Consciousness. In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, this is our human purpose, to keep reaching newer and newer states of consciousness here on earth.

Until next time,

Much love and light from Steve xx