Masculine and Feminine Energies

One of the things you might hear about Tantra - and it makes me really angry - is when I hear that actually only heterosexual men and women can do Tantra and that anybody that doesn’t fit into that mould, is not able to learn from and experience Tantric energy. Some say, 'it’s not for them, and they can’t do it'. I want to bust some of those myths so if ever you hear anybody say that Tantra is only for heterosexual people then refer them to what I’m about to share with you.

I think where the confusion lies, is the difference between masculine/feminine and male/female. For me, masculine does not mean male and feminine does not mean female. Basically as human beings, whether we identify as male, female, trans or any other gender description, the truth that we each hold within us both masculine energy and feminine energy. This is a fundamental tantric principle. Both masculine and feminine energies weave together thorugh any human body's energy centres and merge in the third eye chakra energy centre located around the forehead. If you ever come and do some deeper work with me, we’re going to talk about chakras and actually what you’ll discover and learn is that the masculine and feminine energy actually weave through the different chakras. In essence, we all need both of those qualities through our bodies, through our energy systems, through who we are, so we can have the broadest experience of life.

We all hold masculine and feminine qualities and energies at different ratios, so some people might identify with having a much stronger masculine and not much of a feminine energy, and vice versa. Some people may not identify with masculine and feminine energy at all, they might feel some other type of energy, of connection that might be neither masculine nor feminine. I promote that everyone in the world is OK as they are. That they are perfect as they are.

One of the things you’ll learn in deeper Tantra, you’ll learn very much about getting in touch with your masculine energy, and you’ll also learn very much about getting in touch with your feminine energy. The masculine enrgy is the Sun, and is gregarious, pushing, a giving, energy. The feminine energy is the Moon, and is inward looking, pulling, a receiving energy. The masculine is talking for eample, whereas the feminine is listening. They are like mirrors - so they are going to show you many aspects of yourself both in a masculine state and in your feminine state - you’re going to learn a lot, and you’ll be challenged by some of that information that comes to you. When you’re interacting in some of the most divine Tantric rituals, your masculine and feminine qualities meet another being’s masculine and feminine qualities and when these are joined together then that’s one pathway to consciousness, to enlightenment. You can share this very profound, deeply spiritual practice with another being that can open the gateways to enlightenment.

So if anybody ever says to you that Tantra is for only heterosexual people -take some of the points I talk about and have that discussion with them. For me, Tantra is available to every human being.