P-C Muscle Tantric Exercise for Men

This practice is ideal for men who want to experience an outwardly non-physically stimulating state of sexual arousal. In other words, a build up of sexual energy without hands or any other method of stimulating the penis. This can lead to auto-ejaculation- the ability to reach an ejaculation without stimulating your penis. Instead, we use the breath, and use your pc (perineal-coccygeal muscles) muscles and really let your arousal state fly. And if auto-ejaculation does not happen, then the practise of trying to get there is already highly tantric and I'll give you some other hints and tips that can take you into an orgasmic state.

Ok, so to try this out, first you need a quiet space, i.e. no one else or the dog around. Ideally the bed is a good place to go. Let go of any idea of reaching a goal because the minute you start that, you loose the very thing you are trying to achieve. Ok, then slowly start to squeeze your pc pump. This is the muscle that you use when you are trying to squeeze when stopping a pee. So start to slowly pump this, and try to synchronise your breath to this. When you have these both down, probably a squeeze every 4 seconds, then start to go inside yourself and listen for the sensations. They will probably happen where your prostate is. You are listening for sensations that you feel when you are stimulating your penis, it will feel like a warming sensation in your prostate. When you have your focus on this, then start to increase your arousal. It might be playing with fantasy situations, or remembering some of the most amazing sex you had, focus on the sensations in your body. See if you can bring them up to feel real, to feel as if they are in your body. Slowly over time, speed up slowly the rate of squeezing and releasing your pc pump, allow your breath to quicken with it to. As you experience sensations give them some sounds, some ooooo's and aaaaaaaah's. Keep paying attention to your your breath, your pc pumping, take your arousal higher, maybe stroke areas of your body, your nipples, keep bringing in memories and experiences of your most erotic states.


You need to allow yourself a good 10 to 15 mins for this exercise. For some it will work miracles and you might be surprised by some new sensations and maybe you have brought yourself to the point of ejaculation. If you have not, this is still a really great tantra technique because it has increased and built your sexual energy. If you make the choice not to ejaculate, and to keep that energy inside you for a day, it can feel like you are more awake, more ecstatic, with a better, happier mood - if you were to practise this every day without ejaculation, you would over time notice an increase in your energy build up. Let me know how you get on.


Wishing you a fantastic few weeks, and much love and happiness in your life. Steve xxx