The effects of repeated Mental Silence

Mental Silence is a unique experience.  We have seen that physiologically, metabolic rate is lower during Mental Silence than during deep sleep, and that the activity of the mind comes to a complete stop.
Mental Silence is a privileged moment in your day, an oasis of peace in your life, twice a day whether you induce it with Shirodhara or Meditation. Both are available at our suite.
With these two means, you are always certain to have your holidays twice a day.
The repeated experience of mental silence will produce the following effects, systematically observed with my patients who had daily Shirodhara and/or Meditation:

A decrease of:

⇓ Stress
Both physical and mental stress.
⇓ Sensibility to stress
Not only the amount of stress decreases but also our sensibility to it.
⇓ Anxiety
Anxiety decreases in intensity, frequency and duration.
⇓ Depression
Depression decreases in intensity, frequency and duration.
⇓ Somatization
The level of stress decreasing, one is less subject to somatization and symptoms of psychosomatic diseases decrease.
⇓ Dependence and addiction
 Craving for drugs decreases.

An increase of:
⇑ Energy
There is an increase in physical and mental energy which can last for the whole day.

⇑ Mental faculties
There is a global improvement of mental faculties like memory, capacity of concentration, volition and sensory faculties.

⇑ Self-sufficiency
 People who tend to depend on others and can hardly stay alone start to be self-sufficient.

⇑ Autonomy
 One no longer needs to ask for help and advice all the time. They start being able to decide by and for themselves.

⇑ Self consciousness
 People become more and more conscious of themselves all the time. They no longer lose awareness of their inner self.

⇑ Witnessing state
People start observing themselves while acting.  As if they were at the same time, the actor on the scene and a spectator sitting comfortably in the stalls. This witnessing state is an efficient protection against the turbulences of life.  A client of mine said after a 2-3 weeks practice: " I encounter the same waves as before (meaning difficulties) but now, instead of being drowned, I am surfing on the waves".
⇑ Relation to others
 Becoming self-sufficient,  autonomous and in peace with oneself,  one can better communicate with others.
⇑ Living in the present
 Most people project themselves in the past and in the future most of the time.  They hardly live the present moment. This happens with the repeated experience of Mental Silence. It is quite natural. During Mental Silence, as there are no thoughts, we are in a constant present.  We stop projecting in the past and in the future.  When we come out of Mental Silence, this "living in the present" experience remains for a while and will extend with regular practice till it becomes a very natural state.
These are the effects systematically observed of repeated mental silence experience.

Best wishes, Steve