The Power of Touch

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The Power of Touch

The power of touch is miraculous in its simplicity. Touch in any form has been shown to boost the immune-system. When it is done in a loving environment with experienced healing hands it can be very powerful and has a strong healing potential.

It's one of those free gifts from nature to humans and thus touch has been used in various forms of therapeutic massages to balance and heal the Body and Mind with the help of various warm herbal oils and powders.

Modern research also proves that the same hormones are released during a good and proper massage and also when we are in Love.

They can all be considered under the umbrella term as "feel good hormones" while simultaneously reducing the bad ones.

The hormones that are released during a proper massage include; Dopamine which makes you feel good and improves normal brain functioning. Serotonin; general mood enhancing hormone. Oxytocin; a general feel good hormone nicknamed the “hugging or touch” hormone.

All of these are similar hormones released in the body when we are happy, feel loved and cared for.

Thus proper and regular massages bring a lot of positive changes in our human physiology.

Therefore if you really would like to show Love and Care towards your Mother, partners, friends etc. a massage is the perfect gift …

Best wishes, Steve