Using Essential Oils at Home and Work

There are a many great ways to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils, many of which you can apply yourself at home or at work. If you want to learn more, why not book onto my aromatherapy training course for more detail.

Body methods
o Perfume – dissolve in alcohol or oil and apply as a perfume
o Tissue or Handkerchief – add drops and sniff when required!
o Inhaled as a vapour – breath deeply with a towel-covered head over a bowl of hot water with a few drops of oil
o Massage oil – al Covo’s speciality! Applied to the skin and hair for absorption in the most relaxing and stimulating way

Water methods
 Baths and jacuzzis – close the bathroom door to keep in the vapours, add a few drops to the bath water, and soak.
 Sauna – mix in water and throw on the heat source, and breathe in deeply.
 Shower – add the essential oil to your facecloth or sponge, wash and breathe deeply.

Room methods
 Candles – light a candle, then add the oil to the warm wax (not the wick!! – essential oils are inflammable).
 Diffusers and vapourisers – place oil onto the surface that is being heated. Neal's Yard's AromaStone offers you the ease of no flame when vaporising essential oils - it is electric!
 Light bulbs – add the oil to an attachment to the bulb, or directly onto a cold bulb; when lit the heat will vapourise the essential oil molecules.
 Humidifiers – add the essential oil to the water.
 Radiators – put oil onto a cotton wool ball and lodge by the pipe.
 Room sprays – - mix oil with warm water in your plant or clothing spray, shake and mist in the air, away from wood surfaces.
 Wood fires – drip one drop of oil per log, at least half and hour before burning.
Remember to seek training or advice beforehand and be careful never to use essential oils undiluted.

al Covo offers prestigious aromatherapy treatments . Contact us for more details. Essential oils can be bought at the suite or online via my Neal's Yard webshop for home delivery.