Why Get An Erotic Massage?

Erotic Massage as a Stress Remedy

Everyone loves to be pampered, and massage is one of the best ways to feel completely taken care of. There is no feeling like being in safe hands and feeling those hands on your body, smoothing and massaging away the tension, knots and aches. After a long day or week, it can be the perfect remedy to the tension and stress you have built up in your body. 

Erotic massage may have recently become a popular way to de-stress, but the stigma that it carries can make it less accessible to the average person. It’s useful to remember that erotic massage is an ancient tradition that people have used to relax and to feel pampered for millennia. Whether it was during Roman times or Ancient China and Japan, this was a way for the elite of society to wind down from a stressful week.

Open Yourself to New Experiences 

A conventional massage will include some or most parts of the body and aim to ease tension in tired muscles and relax the receiver. For many people, this is all that they want, and the thought of something more intimate is far from their minds. For others, however, the thought of receiving more than just a conventional massage is appealing. Feeling pampered beyond the standard place, being taken into safe hands and being treated like royalty: it’s easy to understand the appeal. 

A massage that goes beyond the limits of a standard session and enters into the realms of pleasure, specifically sexual pleasure, is seen as taboo. This taboo can be enticing or it can be frightening. The reality is that going for a sensual massage is very safe. There is a high degree of confidentiality and hygiene, and if you choose a reputable practitioner, you can be assured to have a great time.

Erotic massage, also known as sensual massage, takes you out of the mundane world and into an exciting realm where pleasure is your bidding. It carries virtually no risk for your health and it’s about you receiving a pampering like you have never had before. You don’t have to do anything except for lying back and enjoying it. 

Close Your Eyes and Feel the Sensations 

We all experience sexual frustration and if we don’t have a partner, the idea of casual sex or self-gratification may not sound too appealing. Erotic massage is for the discerning connoisseur who understands their own needs and is looking to explore their sexuality. 

Lying on a couch and being gently caressed and smothered in warm oil awakens every part of your body to pleasure. As you lie with your eyes shut, you can appreciate every sensation running through your body and experience how the sensations change as the hands move across your body and the movements change.

As hands slowly move towards your most sensitive parts, the thrill of intimate touch while knowing you need to do nothing is an experience you will never forget. Feelings of nervousness and embarrassment that can beset anyone in a sexual encounter can be gotten rid of.

You are free to feel and to enjoy. 

Erotic Massage for Everyone 

Erotic massage is not only for men. Erotic massage for women, sometimes called yoni massage, is a sensual experience that can change your life. Most women have not experienced the truly skilled touch of someone who understands the workings of their vagina. 

A vagina massage is more than an experience of sensual pleasure, being able to lie back and just receive skilled touch can be lifesaving and also has health benefits. It’s a chance to explore your sexuality which can give you a new understanding of yourself. 

For those in the LGBTQ community, there is ample on offer in the way of gay massage. While male on male massage is very popular, there are also female practitioners offering yoni massage to women. 

Erotic massage is also an experience you can have with your beloved. Some practitioners offer erotic massage for couples. This can take the form of a single practitioner massaging one of you and showing the other techniques, or it’s possible to have two practitioners massaging both of you in the same room at the same time. What a treat! 

Perhaps the secret of erotic massage is still being spoken of in whispers, but more and more people are starting enjoy the experience. You can find an erotic massage near you within our directory.

Interested In Something Even Deeper? 

If apart from pleasure, deeper emotional or physical healing might be of interest, you should also consider looking into tantric healing massage. There are some differences between sensual and tantric massage. While the erotic massage focuses a lot on pleasure, tantric massage therapy can be like a whole new dimension of sensory experience and healing.

Even though tantric massage can allow you to experience more sexual pleasure, it may initially require determination on working with yourself and the obstacles within.

For example, many genuine tantric therapists do not provide ejaculation for men within the session. They teach clients to separate orgasm and ejaculation which can allow them to experience multiple full body orgasms, rather than just a quick genital orgasm ended with ejaculation. This practice allows you to raise and store the sexual life–force energy in the body for long-term health and vitality, rather than releasing it. 

So if you feel like you are ready for it, you can try either here, at Man on the Couch.