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Game of Requests

Are you good at going wild and crazy in the moment? In this game, you can go where-ever your desire takes you, as you instruct Steve to make things sexier.  You can say "I want...I want...I want!", "Do this, do this to me!" and "Go and do this for me!" Enjoy your own erotic flow and pace at each moment, as you feel it, giving instinctive directions to Steve. This tantric adventure of verbalising and responding to intimate requests allows you to explore your eroticism and allows you to control your own natural path to the heights of your orgasm.

In this game, it is good to take risks and ask for things you would really like to experience at this moment. It might be something you have never thought about doing before! It might be something you have wanted to do but have never got around to. It might be something you always enjoy. Go with what you really, really want at that moment. In doing so, you are exposing yourself and your true wishes. You are opening up to your honesty and see how Steve responds to your desires.

You can be the only one giving out the requests, instructions and desires, or you can take turns with Steve in making requests of each other. Would you get turned on by following Steve's requests and testing your boundaries with surprise twists and turns? See how you respond to his proposals. If Steve asks you to do something, check in with yourself to see if this is something you really wish to give. If you are not happy to do the request, if you find it crosses the line of what you are prepared to give, it is fine to say ‘No’, but try and offer an alternative. So, you could say ‘I might not be able to do that, but I could do this!’ The game, if played reciprocated in this way, allows you to explore your boundaries as a giver to Steve's requests as well as your instinctive desires.

If you prefer to wholly take control of the situation before you arrive, in a pre-planned way, you can choose Act Your Own Scene. If you prefer Steve to take the lead during the session, please choose one of the other tantric treatments.

Remember to be creative! We want to get things juicy, with plenty of ooohs and aaahs, groans and gasps! Don't be afraid to use powerful language that will turn you on and excite you - like cock, dick, load, fuck, cum. Remember to instruct actions and you may want to specify a part of the body for Steve to use and a part of the body for it to be used on, and perhaps a sensual accessory that Steve can use on you too - and you will find endless possibilities. Bring some things you might want to use, such as toys, syrup, football socks, stockings, jocks, leather and boots. If you get mind block, don't worry, just leave it up to Steve to lead it through, or make requests of you.

Here are some examples of how the game might be played. The game can be slow and involve just one or a small number of requests that take up the whole session (eg 'I want to lie on the bed in the dark and let you do whatever you want anonymously for 30 minutes'), or it can have many requests that take a short amount of time to complete (eg 'Kiss my cock'). 

We can make it a SEDUCTIVE game, asking the other to.... Stand in the corner and wait for me to come and touch and caress you with warm oil for 20 minutes; Put our hands on the sides of each others head and we'll french kiss for half a minute; Breathe quickly, slowly, lightly, deeply; Lie on the bed face up as I want to caress your nipples and lick your balls; Cuddle me; Dance around me; Bite my chest; Bow in front of me; Feel my cock inside my boxers; Feed me with strawberries; Hold me; Groan and gasp; Hold my legs up; Kiss me on the neck; Kiss me 100 times; Kneel on the floor for me; Wear those silk shorts; Glide your fingers slowly and lightly down my back from my shoulders to my knees three times, then down my front from my shoulders to my knees three times; Rub your hands over my chest; Let's take a shower together; Rub that oil over my tummy; Hug me; Slide your fingers lightly across me; Shimmy your body warmth close around me; Undress me slowly and lead me to the hot tub; Unbutton your shirt; Let's touch and keep our foreheads together for 30 seconds; Gaze into my eyes.

We can make it CONTROLLING and MASTERLY eg Stand by the bed and lean on your fists; Rub that cock up my crack; Lick my armpits; Drag me across the bed; Pummel and beat me; Cover my head with the pillow and hold my head down; Go down on your hands and knees, look up at me and pant like a dog with your tongue hanging out; Cum over my chest; Play with my nipples while I wank; Stand on my face in those boots; Put on these black stockings and place your cock and balls in my hands for me to play with; Lean on your forearms with your legs apart and lift your butt up off the bed; Watch me masturbate; Lick my precum; Feel my hardness; Taste my arse; Smell my pits; You need 6 of the best lashes of my whip boy!; Sniff some poppers and get your hole ready for daddy's big dick; Stick your arse up in the air while wearing these black stockings; Sit on my face; Dribble it in my mouth; Spit on me; Suck my dick; Squeeze your muscles for me; Let me feel that tongue!

We can enjoy SENSUAL requests eg Give me a body scrub on the couch; Snuggle my belly with your mouth; Stroke my forearms; Use your fingers and hands on any parts of your body which will start to get yourself a hard-on without touching your cock; Give me a head massage; Moisturise and suck my toes; Tickle my feet; Twist my nipples; Tease my lips; Give me a sensual buff; Suck my fingers; Massage my cheeks with your beard; Pinch, slap and tickle me; Lie spreadeagle on the bed; Lie on your side with one leg cocked forward; Blindfold me; Tie up my wrists; Handcuff me; Caress my body with silk; Pour hot wax on me; Put those clamps on my nipples; Put these speedos on; Put on those knee football socks and boots;Let me taste that!

We can also choose to have a PLAYFUL, HUMOUROUS game - Copy/reflect what I do while we face each other and keep eye contact; Put your dominant hand behind your back, then wank yourself with the other hand until I say “stop”; I'm going to lie down, face up, and you can coat my cock and balls with sugar syrup, then you can clean it all off with your tongue and mouth; Hold my cock, pull back my foreskin, put your mouth over the glans, pretend it is a wind instrument and play a tune on it; Place the palm of your hand on one of my nipples, while you play with my other nipple, then change nipples and repeat; Gently stroke these ostrich feathers over my body for 20 minutes; Stand up, act and make dramatic noises as if someone is wanking you very slowly while I stroke your chest and abdomen, then when I pinch your nipples, act and sound like you are having an orgasm and cumming.   

And we can have a RAUNCHY game....Tear these jocks off me now! Bend me over and spank my arse with a paddle six times, three on each bum cheek, and make it sting! Punch my chest; Rim my arse; Rip your shirt off; Stretch my tight hole; Pleasure pound me for the whole session; Smack me; Sniff my jocks; Spit on me; Spread those cheeks for me; Stretch my balls; Tease me with your tongue; Tie me down; Use me; Wear this harness; Gag my mouth with your jocks; Give me that big dick in here; Shake that arse for me; Show me your hungry arse; Fist my mouth; Grab my neck; Show me how you like my dick; Deep throat me; C'mon! Eat my arse; Let's make that sweet hole nice and moist; Hold that manpussy open for me; Plough my hole; Drive it in me; Break my hole; I want you to cum over my arse; Keep that big boy going up there; Empty your balls; Breed that hole for me; Push it out just a little bit; Show me what's in there, push that back out for me; Blow my dick; Ride my cock; Load me up; Drop it on my fucking hole; Shoot that load in me; I want to taste my arse and your cum on your cock; Fuck me; I wanna taste that load; Fuck yeah man!; Shoot it off on me! YEAH! SHIT! FUCK! Pump it out! Give it all up! Oh yeah, squeeze it all out for me; I want to see all those spasms!

The fun and excitement from the game are provided by you, and if you like to play your requests and responses both ways, both you and Steve provide the session's direction. You should be as open as possible to get the most out of this game. Explore your eroticism!

We can check in afterwards with how you felt and what you learned about yourself, how we related to each other, what was surprising, whether there was something you wanted but didn’t dare ask for, how was it saying Yes or No, how did it feel receiving and giving. This game is often one that couples should do more often! Try it out with Steve and see how it feels. Requests can be as short as a few moments or as long as the whole treatment.

Let's play! 

Session time includes consultation, treatment, aftercare and any use of shower/washroom. Please note an extra (free) 20 minutes may be required for your first treatment's consultation. Membership and Treatment Course Prepurchases can save you money.

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Tantric Game of Requests 60 minutes £160
Tantric Game of Requests 90 minutes £200
Tantric Game of Requests 2 hours £240
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