Game of Requests & Dirty Talk

In this session, verbal cues and vocal pleasures are the keys to enhancing arousal. Woof! Grrrr! Tiger!! You can go where-ever your desire instinctively takes you, in your erotic game. You get to ask Steve to do and say things you want, throughout the session as the mood takes you. Say what you want him to do, see, feel, smell, hear and taste, be it wild, romantic, kinky, slutty, breathless or silly. It is for those men who like to talk about sex and sensuality whilst doing it. Enjoy your own energy flow and pace at each moment, as you feel it. This tantric adventure of actively requesting and responding to intimate requests, allows you to explore your eroticism and allows you to control your own natural path to the heights of your orgasm.

Many men tend to be quiet during sex, often because they are conditioned throughout youth that they shouldn't be heard, attract attention, or be caught whilst self-pleasuring and having sex with partners. This is due to the fact that other people, friends and relatives are in the same house, embarrassment, sexual taboos, and because they haven't been taught how good verbal cues can be! It is often difficult for men to overcome this wasted sensuality, and they remain quiet into adult years, due to lack of confidence or because they're petrified of what their sexual partners may think of their newly expressed eroticism, feel their partner won't be up for it, like it, try it, or may even think they've gone mad! How often have you actually asked for a specific erotic activity when having sex? Most men just go through the same motions.

Here at Man on the Couch, you are an adult and free to make as many requests, dares, demands, noise, oohs and aaghs, groans, screams, laughs, pounds, pants, shouts, or even songs, because you and Steve are the only people here, and because it is actively encouraged!

Being vocal, by suggesting acts, positions, rhythms, speed and force, saying how good certain things that are happening are feeling, and how close you are to ejaculation and heavenly bliss, speaking out about your requests, verbal domination, expressing your desires, giving direction and feedback to Steve, will all help you be more free, confident, less fearful, new and explorative during sex. It positively enhances your sexual expression and ensures you are really tied up in that specific sexual moment.

It is good to take risks and ask for things you would really like to experience at this moment. It might be something you have never thought about doing before! It might be something you have wanted to do but have never got around to. It might be something you always enjoy. Go with what you really, really want at that moment. I dare you! In doing so, you are exposing yourself and your true wishes. You are opening up to your honesty and feel how you respond to your desires. The possibiltiies range from any fetishes you have, such as wearing stockings, nipple play and foot fetishes, to more 'experienced' desires such as frotting (rubbing against another for sexual gratification, whether clothed or unclothed), cock-docking (cumming inside the foreskin of uncut cock), felching (eating cum from the hole - creampie licking). and snowballing (passing someone else's sperm from their mouth to the mouth of the other, usually through dribbling or kissing).

If you would like Steve to join in the game of asking requests, he will! You have the choice of being the only one giving out the requests, dares, instructions and desires, or you can take turns with Steve in making requests of each other, or you can choose to follow Steve's verbal cues, requests, or domination. You can test your boundaries with surprise twists and turns, and see how you respond to his proposals. When he asks you to do something, check in with yourself to see if this is something you really wish to give. If you are not happy to do the request, if you find it crosses the line of what you are prepared to give, it is fine to say ‘No’, and then try and offer an alternative. So, you could say ‘I'm not be able to do that, but I could do this!’ The game, if played reciprocated in this way, allows you to explore your boundaries as a giver to Steve's requests as well as your instinctive desires.

If you prefer to wholly take control of the situation before you arrive, in a pre-planned scene, you can choose Male Sexual Role Play. If you prefer Steve to take the lead during the session, please choose one of the other tantric treatments such as Shared Male Intimate Touch, Body to Body Massage, Male Sensual Erotic Massage or Tie and Tease and ask Steve to include some extra verbal cues and requests.

Remember to be creative! Don't be afraid to use powerful language that will turn you on and excite you - like cock, dick, load, fuck, cum, mouth, lick, rim, snog, arse. Remember to instruct actions and you may want to specify a part of the body for Steve to use and a part of the body for it to be used on, and perhaps a sensual accessory that Steve can use on you too - and you will find endless possibilities. Bring some things you might want to use, such as toys, syrup, candles, football socks, stockings, jocks, leather, rope and boots.

Here are some examples of how the game might be played. The game can be slow and involve just one or a small number of requests that take up the whole session (eg "I want to lie on the bed in the dark and let you do whatever you want anonymously for 30 minutes"), or it can have many requests that take a short amount of time to complete (eg "Kiss my cock, kiss my neck, stroke my cheek, fuck my mouth, get on all fours, rub your cock over my crack, bite my nipples, lick my pits, suck my toes, cum over my arse, shoot it all over my face, snowball me! Fuck, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop! Give it to me! Put that cock back in my arse, it wants more!"). Make it seductive, with caressing, biting, hugging, and kissing, or make it controlling and masterly with demands ("Lick my neck, bite my nipples, taste my arse, put those jocks on, sit on my face, lick and teabag my balls while I wank over your chest. Don't move, stay there, hold it!!") We can also choose to have a playful, humourous game, or make it wild and raunchy...."Bend me over and spank my arse with a paddle and plough my hole, mount me like a beast, let's breed this boy's guts. Can you feel my dick, spit on my face. Push it out all over my cock!"

The fun and excitement from the game are provided by you, and if you like to play your requests and responses both ways, both you and Steve provide the session's direction. You should be as open as possible to get the most out of this game. Explore your eroticism!

We can check in afterwards with how you felt and what you learned about yourself, how we related to each other, what was surprising, whether there was something you wanted but didn’t dare ask for, how was it saying Yes or No, how did it feel receiving and giving. This game is often one that couples should do more often to discover new things that turn them on! Try it out with Steve and see how it feels. Requests can be as short as a few moments or as long as the whole treatment.

Let's play vocally! 

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Item Time Price
Game of Requests & Dirty Talk 30 mins £100
Game of Requests & Dirty Talk 45 mins £130
Game of Requests & Dirty Talk 60 mins £160
Game of Requests & Dirty Talk 90 mins £200
Game of Requests & Dirty Talk 2 hours £240
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Did I want it raunchy or romantic? I had it both ways!

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