Five Tantric Playful Games

These five games are designed to add some excitement to playtime with creativity, passion and zeal. You can do all of them on your own, and then participate with others as a group game. Change the rules or purpose of the games with your own ideas. Be yourself and enjoy!

1. Our first exercise is about increasing curiosity, fulfilling your desires and experiencing sensuality through self love.

It is about thinking about a common household object that can have a sexual use.

For example, you could use a spatula, hair brush, belt or ping pong paddle or ruler for spanking. Or you could play with baby oil, cooking oil, whipped cream, chocolate, lotion, hot wax, ice cubes, bandanas, fruits and vegetables, feathers and so much more. There are lots of items that can be used for kinky exploration!

So let's get started: Go "pleasure shopping" in your house to find your new sexual toy. Keeping in mind your own fantasies or things that turn you on, explore your home to find an item that brings up feelings of curiosity, sensual connection and excitement. Venture to a local hardware or grocery store and have a browse!

Make use of your senses. Use touch, taste, sounds, smell, and sights, and pay attention to what raises your curiosity. For example, what colors, shapes, or images attract you? Are you curious about feathers, leather, slick, soft or prickly? Practice with pausing and closing your eyes from time to time. What comes up for you? Resist ultimately choosing something that is comfortable or familiar to you. We are seeking a new experience, so see if it's possible to push past your comfort zone.

Use the item to explore your sensuality. Get creative. Breathe. Focus on how the object can bring you pleasure.

After you've had a little fun with the object, spend some time reflecting on the experience. What did you like? What did you not like? Was it like you had imagined?


2. Our second frisky pleasure experience is inspired by Game of Requests.

During sex, how do you like being talked to? What do you want your lover to say? What would really turn you on? Take a few moments to think about it.

Some examples include:

  • Take your clothes off now, boy!
  • I want you to strip for me
  • I love you so much
  • Bend over and show me your ass
  • Rub your feet

And so on. Maybe write a few of these things down. There's no judgment here. 

Now, it's time for the fun part.

Get a camera or some device that allows for video recording. This can be a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Record yourself saying the things you want to hear during sex. Pull ideas from the list that you created above. It's okay to get experimental; no one has to see this except your future self.

When you're ready (it could be later the same day or even a month or two later), it's time for the second part of this exercise. When you're feeling aroused, play the video back for yourself - and obey the commands that your former self is giving you. Be playful and avoid self judgement.

Allow yourself some self love and maybe even an erotic release. If you're turned on, go for it. Bask in the fulfillment of your erotic desires.


3. Our third exercise is a radical, pleasure-yielding anger release technique. 

All our lives, we're told to "control" our anger. Many times, we fear that the true expression of our feelings can cost us our job, our safety or even our lives. And sadly, it's often true.

Anger is a natural emotion which arises from often deeper feelings of fear. We live in a world which triggers a lot of emotions. These feelings have the potential to inspire creativity, passion and transformation in our lives - so when we can approach them with some level of consciousness there is an opportunity for tremendous growth.

Today, we're going to break something. You know you want to! Just make sure it's done in a place and time where it's sanctioned and only brings constructive healing to you and others.  

Let's get started:

Check your spare rooms, wardrobes, lofts, understairs and sheds for ugly, useless things you no longer want, which you would love to see broken to pieces. You might want to scout for these things at a time when you're not angry, so you'll have them available when you are, and you won't run the risk of breaking things you wish you hadn't (such as your houseplants).

Find a place where you can break it. It's best to think about this in advance, before you get too angry. If you live in the country and don't have close neighbours, you're in luck! You can break shit on the side of your house, or even against trees in the woods. Sometimes, nothing feels more satisfying than whacking that piece-of-shit fan or ironing board against a tree until it shatters to pieces. If you live in an urban area, you might need to visit a trusting friend who lives out of town. The power and potency of your anger release may be magnified when you have a loving witness. Otherwise, you can also take a ride to the forest. If you go to the forest or a park, focus on breaking rocks or sticks to avoid trashing the place. Last but not least, a basement can also be a paradise for smashing it up!

Once you have the objects to break and a place to break them in, you're good to go! Have at it!

Once you've gone through this process, you're likely to feel lighter and clearer, and you might even experience a renewed sense of passion, creativity, and focus.

It is often said: "What I thought was the failure was actually the gift." With a little practice and attention, your anger can actually become a source of renewed energy, passion and pleasure.

Some people can achieve this feeling through de-cluttering. Have a read of 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' by Marie Condo for more details.


4. Our fourth secret and sexy pleasure experience inspires you to empower your life... from the balls up. And just like the title implies, you'll be putting something special in your pants. 

This exercise is intended to start out your day and invigorate it with delicious erotic energy that sustains your regular daily activities. We will begin with some cock massage and masturbation, but the purpose is to integrate arousal as a part of your morning routine.

Let's get started:

Start with your dick! Using your favorite massage oil or lube, slowly massage your cock and experience some pleasure. After a few minutes, let's get dressed! Think about what items you could use to stay excited throughout the day. What if you wore a sexy pair of underwear or a thong that teases your ass? How long could you sit in your office chair with a butt plug up your ass? Wouldn't it be fun to find out? No one will know but you!

Do it! Put on that pair of kinky underwear, put in your favorite butt plug, or get out your most stimulating cock ring, and... head to the office! Go about your day working, running errands and doing what you normally do. Except with this special secret in your pants.

It just feels good to uplift one's spirits, not to mention your cock and balls!  

As you walk/ride/sit through your day, notice how your "hot little secret" inspires you! Do you feel how it gives you a bit of an extra edge or impetus to get through the day with zeal?

Though this pleasure experience is a tantric exercise, it's not about just finding more passion in bed. Tantra is about finding more passion in life. So find your passion.

You can also enjoy guessing what others' hot little secrets are - at work, or at a tantric party!


5. Lastly, through a pleasure experience inspired by JoJo DeRodrigo and Brad-Leaf Amberheart, we're going to tap into that same energy and enthusiasm - and combine it with some erotic excitement to power your life!

When you're immersed in your own connection to deep pleasure and self-acceptance, you'll automatically attract good situations and great people!

Follow these steps:

Start by putting on something sexy. It could be gym shorts and a jockstrap or a three piece suit. You decide.

Find a song that you want to dance to. Press play and turn it up!

Channeling your inner teenager, let loose! Dance and jump around, and feel the music.

While dancing, strip! Get naked. Play with yourself. Feel the pleasure! Build up your sexual energy and use it to energize your life!

Use up-and-down motions to let your balls dance up and down. Feel how good it feels to generate energy through the movement of your balls. You'll discover how full-body arousal isn't about how hard your cock gets, but more about the pleasurable stimulation that you give your body!

Slowing down but continuing to move, caress your body. Use coconut oil or your favorite massage oil to anoint your body and massage yourself outward from your cock, balls and pelvis.

Give some special attention to the muscles of your abdomen. Your belly is a very soft, vulnerable part of your body, which also represents your power center. It's the place from which you move and operate in the world. Knead and massage your belly, and take long, slow breaths while you move and dance and play.

Picking your energy up again, play with breathing and movement. Remember that your breaths can follow a nice, slow, gentle wave, even when your body is moving at a faster rhythm! Go ahead... see if you can separate your breathing speed from your body speed. Breathing slowly - even when you're moving fast - is key to a more effective life and a more enjoyable experience in the sheets!

Add the component of SOUND! YEAH! Sing! Make noise! Shout! Do it like no one's listening! Dance like no one's watching. Today is your day.

When your song has ended (or whenever you're done), lay down on the floor for five minutes or pure bliss. Let the energy flow from the head to your toes. You did it!


Love, Steve