Become a Cambridge Consultant and Run Your Own Business!

If you've lost weight with me with Cambridge Weight Plan - or even if you haven't - but you are keen to explain the usefulness of their nutritionally complete foods in weight loss, you now can become trained for free to become a Cambridge Consultant and help others manage their own weight! Is this something of interest? I would be your sponsor and be there to help you through the process to accreditation and also support you once you’re accredited. You can run a weight loss consultancy business like me.

There’s no need to hit sales targets – you can have one or one hundred clients a week – Cambridge Weight Plan don’t mind, and you are self-employed! You are your own boss.

Essentially, the training takes about 4-6 months and consists of the following:

1. Chat with me and sit in on some of my Cambridge consultations.
2. Fill in application form.
3. Telephone interview with Cambridge Head Office.
4. Modules to study online.
5. Online question papers and answers.
6. Training starter day (usually in a hotel in Northants).
7. Accreditation!!
8. Payment of starter product pack (at reduced price too).
9. Development modules to study online (within 3 months of accreditation).
10. Online question papers and answers (within 3 months of accreditation).
11. 3 month-in development training day (usually in a hotel in Northants).

Training is excellent, broad and is available throughout the year, covering:
• Health
• Nutrition and Calories
• Exercise
• Very Low Calorie Diets
• The Cambridge Difference –Products and Services through you!
• Consulting skills – Listening and Understanding, Professional and Motivating
• Cambridge Head Office services – branding, PR, marketing, research, medical team, conferences, research, online services MY Cambridge, Cambridge Active etc
• Cambridge Protocol – the Medical Team, your Consultant Contact, Direct Selling Association, NICE and COMA guidelines.
• Medical Conditions – Diabetes, Obesity, medical prescriptions
• Business Basics – stock control, tax returns, venues, mobile options etc
• Marketing Basics – flyers, magazines, business cards, promotions, PR, friends and family, word of mouth, recommendations etc
• Cambridge Consultant tools e g Brand It Pro Software, Online Consultants Area, Online Consultants Forum, Annual Cambridge Convention, Bonuses, Sponsorship, Discounts, free webpage, online and telephone product ordering etc.

Becoming a consultant offers you a real opportunity to make some extra money and pass on to others your knowledge and experience of Cambridge Weight Plan at very little cost and brings great satisfaction to me, maybe it could do for you too?

If you’d like to discuss it, please give me call. If it’s not for you, it’s not a problem!

I wish you all the best with managing your own weight and remember I’m here if you need me.

Best wishes,