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Feeding your skin...

There has been much research to show that many of the products that modern day men and women use on their skin is toxic, containing carcinogenic substances that are dangerous for the body and harmful to the planet. Many of these products contain chemicals that help preserve shelf life of product and contain unhealthy chemicals with strong floral or other scents that people have become accustomed to. Almost ALL of these synthetic additives are HARMFUL.

Is all this really necessary? Do we need to use harmful products like mineral oil and parabens on our bodies and on the bodies of our children in order to smell good and to stay hydrated? The answer, you guessed it...Absolutely NOT!

Almost all of the lotions available in chain supermarkets and drugstores do not hydrate and nourish the skin. They provide a temporary lubrication but are not fully absorbable into the blood stream. Why? Because the skin absorbs food grade substances best.  

So why would you put something on your skin that you would not eat? Do you know that the skin is the largest LYMPH organ in the body? Lymph clean and purify the blood. Using non food grade products on your skin to hydrate is completely unnecessary once you have a solution to this problem..

You can see that I am ooober passionate about providing product, trainings and services for people that ARE the solution the issue of toxic chemical overload from my well-being suite, al Covo, where I have a range of skin-enhancing detox programmesclassic massages, speciality massages, aromatherapy products, training, facial treatments, body brushing and other spa skin conditioning treatments.

Please check out the below links to support nourishing skin and body care for you and your loved ones...When it comes to pure living, good smelling vital solutions are just a deep breath (and a click) away... at my Neal's Yard Remedies webshop. Call Steve on 02380639913 or 07968065885 for more details on nourishing your skin.