Indian Head Massage Wonders

How is Indian Head Massage so important here in Steve's suite?

The Indian Head Massage system, also known as Champissage, has been practiced in India for hundreds of years. Indian therapies concentrate much more than Western massage traditions on the upper areas of the body such as the head, hair, face, neck and shoulders. In fact, if you have any sort of massage in India, it is likely to include these areas. In a full body massage in India, you are likely to start off in a chair, and receive a massage to these areas while seated, before moving onto the table or couch for the remainder of the body massage. These head, scalp, face and neck areas are often omitted in Western traditional massages. In the 1980s it was introduced to the Western world in England by Narendra Mehta, a blind massage therapist from India. Thus the therapy 'Indian Head Massage' appeared in spas as a separate treatment, which is quite different to Indian traditions, which incorporate it into most massages as well as on its own.

Steve, who has practiced in Ayurvedic centres in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, practiced these traditional common Indian forms of head massage. As a result, Steve is very practiced and specialized head, neck, and face massage.

His style has developed in different ways now he is practicing back in England and offers you much more than many other massage centres:

  1. His Head Massage is sometimes recommended wth the client lying on the back, rather than seated. It is much easier to relax deeply while lying down. In this way at the end of the massage the client can remain in a blissful or even trance-like state as long as it takes to come back to regular waking consciousness.
  2. His Head Massage includes a lot more neck work than Indian Head Massage. The reason is that many neck manipulations and stretches can be done with the client lying down. The sitting position, however, does not allow for so many neck manipulations.
  3. His Head Massage is more gentle than traditional Indian Head Massage. It is a blend of massage therapy and energy work and uses a very meditative approach. This is because clients in the West tend to prefer this lighter, more ethereal practice.
  4. His Head Massage sessions are generally longer (1 hour) than Indian Head Massage sessions (20-30 minutes) since they include work on the upper chest, the shoulders, the neck, face and head. It is a more comprehensive upper body work system which also includes stretches and other manipulations.
  5. His Head Massage can be easily integrated into any kind of massage, since it is done with the client in the supine position, either on a floor mat or on a massage table.
  6. It uses elements from yoga and energy work. Besides using the actual techniques, Steve uses subtle and energetic elements, such as synchronizing breath with the clients breath, consciously channeling energy flow along with the breath, visualizing and directing energy flow, and several gentle and meditative touch methods. This is used in his speciality packages and treatments such as Thai Yoga Massage and Spiritual High.
  7. The facial work based on Ayurvedic principles, can help many people who hold a lot of stress in their face and jaws. Clients often mention that they had a hard time finding anyone who can give a good therapeutic face massage.


This all means that Indian Head Massage here with Steve, whether its a treatment in its own right, or whether it is incorporated into other treatments, gives you an extra slice of massage that is not normally available here in the West!