Look masculine, trim and tidy with a quick groom for Valentines

Fancy a spruce up of your body? It makes you feel like wearing a new suit, makes you feel clean and tidy, and looks better on a date or party, in the pool and in bed! Trimming can show off body art, muscle definition, help you to be smoother and sexier in and out of clothes, making you more confident and attractive. You can improve sports performance, enjoy heightened sensitivity, reduce friction, and view your body art, body parts, and muscle definition. Since David Beckham became a male modelling guru, use of body hair trimming, tidying and waxing have been growing and many laides and men now expect it. Whether it's the back, pubic area, arms, shoulders or eyebrows, there's an area of hair that's probably letting you down.

Clippering, scissors and tweezing are three ways Steve Reeve, Southampton's specialist male waxer and body groomer trims and tidies body hair.

Clippering cuts the hair at the skin surface or at a set distance from the skin (e.g. 0.25cm, 0.5cm, 1cm). It is great for large areas of hair removal for men, such as the back, legs, chest or tummy, and can also used on the ears, nostrils, buttocks, crack, scrotum, penis and pubic mound. It is quicker, cheaper and less painful than waxing. However growth comes back much quicker than waxing, appears more dense, and is usually more itchy.

Small scissors, tweezers or thread are best used to trim and tidy smaller areas such as the eyebrows or to pluck odd hairs here and there.

All types of hair removal can be combined together with waxing for your best look and feel. You can even have a traditional wet shave, skin tan, manicure and pedicure, facial and body scrub and massage to complete your grooming session.

al Covo, Steve's studio in central Southampton, has discrete frontage, and a relaxing ambience, which is not busy, clinical or beautician based.

Ring or email Steve now on 02380639913 or 07968065885 to discuss or book a tidier look. Ideal for Valentines, holidays, party dates, cycling, celebrations, festivals, the beach, walking, gym and swimming!