Reducing Calorie Intake - Takeaway Tips

If you are maintaining weight, it's fine to enjoy a takeaway now and then. Just make sure you see this as a treat and be selective about what you choose on the menu.

Golden rules

Cutting down on portion size is the simplest way to cut calories, sharing is caring (for your waistline!)

Don't 'double carb', this means having two portions of the starchy carbohydrate such as chips, rice, pasta (the sheets in lasagne also count).

Dishes with cream, coconut milk, crème fraîche, cheese, butter, breadcrumbs or batter added are going to be more calorific.

Choose your protein portion wisely... remember the difference in fat content:
1. Sausages 25% fat
2. Chicken leg 17% fat
3. Beef 13% fat
4. Duck 7% fat
5. Pork 8% fat
6. Chicken breast 2% fat
7. White fish 2% fat
8. Prawn 1% fat

When cooking in is the new going out...

Why not save yourself calories by creating your own versions of takeaway foods at home? This will save you money as well as calories!

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Best wishes, Steve