Why I LOVE Acupressure and Tapping

I offer many many types of massage, and well-being treatments. Many of them are flexible to deal with a variety of conditions, such as Reiki, Reflexology, Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Meditations, however Acupressure and Tapping have always held a unique ability to cross over the emotional and physical focus that many clients have, and therefore make it so attractive to many people. Here is my favourite 50 list of why I love them so much:

1.   Anyone can learn the Acupressure points
2.   You don’t need needles like Acupuncture
3.   It works with the same meridian pathways as Traditional Chinese Medicine
4.   It’s super safe to apply
5.   You can do it anywhere (at work, school, in line, at home, while you travel)
6.   It doesn’t cost a lot of money and actually saves money
7.   You can take care of yourself, simply by using your hands
8.   Once you learn it you know it forever
9.   You can share it with family, friends and loved ones
10.  It doesn’t require any equipment
11.  You can use it with massage and Reflexology
12.  It is complementary to Western medicine
13.  No negative side effects
14.  You can easily vary the pressure when a point is tight or sore
15.  It connects me with my own body’s awareness
16.  It’s fun and exciting to learn so many points and their benefits
17.  It helps free and release blocked energy
18.  It can be used on 100’s of conditions
19.  It rebalances the body to its natural state of health
20.  It helps my body release stiffness
21.  While practicing Acupressure you connect with your breathing
22.  There are many point routines for specific health conditions
23.  It’s easy to learn
24.  It is based on natural instincts
25.  It brings me into deep levels of relaxation
26.  It leads me into wonderful spiritual experiences
27.  It greatly enhances meditation
28.  It connects you to the natural healing wisdom of your body
29.  It can be used at any age, from babies all the way to seniors
30.  Different cultures discovered different ways to stimulate the points
31.  Its fun to teach and share with people everywhere
32.  You can combine Acupressure and Tapping with the use of essential oils
33.  You can save money on expensive drugs
34.  It is the ultimate self-care preventative solution
35.  You can use it to rejuvenate when you’re feeling sluggish or tired
36.  You can use it to help others
37.  It’s a unique form of service to humanity
38.  It relieves shoulder and neck tension
39.  I love to show children how they can use it
40.  It helps me relax to get to sleep
41.  It grounds me when I feel dizzy or spaced out
42.  Its good to know how to heal yourself when a traumatic experience occurs
43.  It’s the ultimate gift to friends who have too many possessions
44.  Helps me with my memory and concentration
45.  I love to do acupressure while I’m giving a hug
46.  It calms me when I am feeling anxious
47.  It relieves sports injuries
48.  It helps prevent colds and flu
49.  It comes from my heart to use Acupressure and Tapping to heal others
50.  It can relieve depression, fatigue and even cold feet

When you do Acupressure and Tapping you’ll see how amazing it is!

Love Steve x x