10 Tips to Beat Those Winter Blues

With winter temperatures now here, it can sometimes feel a bit difficult to keep a happy positive and ecstatic feeling to life. Maybe going to and from work in the dark, freezing bitter wind chill, snow blocking the roads, Christmas shopping needing to be done, it can all get a bit much.

How can you look after yourself? How can you beat those winter blues? How can you achieve a sense of inner happiness that will last you through these months?

Tip 1 – Active Meditation. A really good way to prevent a drop in mood and to help blow away those dark and depressive feelings is Active Meditation. These meditations are an excellent way to keep your mood up and keep you in touch with awareness. I personally recommend the Chakra Breathing Meditation, Garden Visualisation Meditation or the Shabazna. Visit www.alcovo.co.uk to see what I offer here with me, or you can buy a CD to take away on your own from my Shop!

Tip 2 – Meet some people. It’s time to spread your arms and embrace those less fortunate than you. Shine on and brighten the lives of others. Give some!

Tip 3 – Massage – touch, connection, intimacy. These can all be great ways to help boost your energy but also to relieve all of those stresses and strains. My good German friend says to me, there are only 3 things that you need to be a good masseur. A right hand, a left hand and a heart. You don’t need to be qualified masseur just an ability to connect your heart with your hands and let them be guided. Be sure to set up the room with either a massage table, or mats on the floor, light some candles, set some ambient music and make sure you have enough heat and hey! An instant session of Massage! If you need someone to share with, why not find a massage partner, or, if you really want to pamper yourself and just want to receive, why not let me take care of all of that for you. Check out my different classic massages, speciality massage, and massage training. But if you fancy doing it yourself, get some good training from me!

Tip 4 – Eat well and enjoy your food. Listen to what your body wants to eat. Ok we all know about the 5 a day but also listen to your body. What is it asking from you? In some balancing therapies, such as working with auras, chakras, meridians, and aromatherapy, it would suggest your food should be colourful as well as tasting good. Allow yourself the time to really enjoy your meals, to really taste. Maybe sitting down at a table, lighting a candle, sharing a meal with a friend or a partner. All good stuff!

Tip 5 – Curl up with a good book. I personally recommend the River Cottage Veg Everyday Book – Beetroot and Chocolate Icecream…Earthy and Rich!! Much easier than a long novel and lots of pictures! Maybe time to get out that duvet in the front lounge, some soft music in the background, light a few candles and curl up.

Tip 6 – Have something to look forward to. Why not plan a New Years Eve Party. Enjoy an amazing evening set up by yourself. Offer a free sleep over, free drinks and free food and everything else you could possible need, an Ecstatic DJ, Soulful Singer, Rituals, Games.....what better way to see in the New Year…

Tip 7 – Have A Bath Ritual. Time to turn on the hot tap, pour in some bubbles, setup some candles, light the incense, safely play some ambient music and then just soak it up. Get a sponge and allow it to explore all of the areas of your body. Allow yourself to feel indulged, pampered, rested and take some time to clear the mind and just lying there taking in the atmosphere. Use some lavender bath salts to relax, ylang ylang or geranium essential oils in there to add some sensuality and uplift, maybe a massage mit, and move with your senses! Buy good quality, organic essential oils for home delivery here.

Tip 8 – Connect with Love – maybe it’s time to flick through that phonebook and chat with an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Maybe it’s time to tell you friends and family how you feel about them. Connect with that inner glow, with that emotion of love. Tell them what they mean to you, how special they are in your life. Allow your heart to open and speak from your heart.

Tip 9 – Spoil Yourself – spend some time working on your outside. Is it how you want it to be? Spend some time checking in with your image. Look at where you’re at. Look in your mirror and spend some time on moisturising, cleansing and nourishing yourself from the outside. Click here to see a great range of organic products from Neal’s Yard Remedies, a fabulous English company farming and manufacturing in Dorset and Berkshire. Or have an Ear Candling to sort out colds, poor hearing, sinus troubles, or warm up with a Hot Stone Massage, or Hot Herbal Compress Massage.The hot Balinese Massage incorporates a warm facial scrub and warm foot scrub too – perfect! Or how about a Facial, Indian Head Massage or Body Wrap ready for a party?

Tip 10 – Music – why not treat yourself to some fantastic music. Maybe you already have a great collection. Spend some time thinking about the type of music and connection that you want. Maybe try to bring the energy through your body to your heart or to your head. Allow yourself to feel excited and daring...a sure fire way to keep those winter embers burning.

I hope these tips helps are of some help to you and I very much look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in the future.

Love Steve xx