Benny and Bryce's Birthday Beauty

This is a wonderful short story about a tantric moment in time, where all the senses are enjoyed to the fullest. Well done, Benny and Bryce!


Benny came into the bedroom and saw that Bryce was still asleep on the bed.

“Happy Birthday baby”, exclaimed Benny.

“Thank you honey”, Bryce groggily spoke back.

“Are you ready for your birthday present”? asked Bryce.

Before Benny could respond, Bryce simply assumed that Benny wouldn’t object to being pampered on his birthday so he walked over to the side of the bed and set a plate with three double chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream bars with their sticks removed on one side of Benny’s hips off to the side of the bed.

“Now before you get your present there are some instructions for you to follow honey. First, you cannot turn around. You have to stay laying on your belly. Second, you cannot look back at me. No matter what keep your gaze forward towards the headboard. And third, absolutely no recoiling, or sudden movements of any kind. Do you understand”? Benny managed to get a half-awake nod out of his body, which was still comfortably ensconced in the pillows and mattress.

Bryce walked back to the foot of the bed and separated Benny’s feet apart so that his balls, cock, and ass could be easily accessed. He crawled upon to the bed between Benny’s legs and place his knees just on the insides of Bryce’s thighs and sat back on his heels. He then placed his left hand on Benny’s upper back, right between his shoulder blades and began rubbing in a slow circle clockwise. Slowly rubbing at first, Bryce gradually sped up his movements till he was able to generate heat with the palm of his hand on Benny’s smooth, brown back. After a few moments of this he took the first of the three-chocolate covered ice cream bars and placed it lengthwise on Benny’s back right between his shoulder blades. The cold of the ice cream caused Benny to instinctively want to recoil; however, remembering his promise he took a deep breath and then allowed his body to relax.

Bryce then placed his right hand on the small of Benny’s back and began rubbing that area counter-clockwise with his right hand in the same fashion as he did on Benny’s back. He then placed the second chocolate-covered ice cream bar cross-wise on the small of Benny’s back.

Bryce then moved his knees so that his kneecaps were right on top of the back of Benny’s knees and positioned his arms on either side of Benny’s armpits. Bryce took a deep inhale and then slowly lowered himself onto Benny’s back till his body was resting on top of Benny and the ice cream bars. Bryce then lowered his lips to the back of Benny’s neck and began to gently kiss the back of the right side of Benny’s neck. Bryce let out soft growls as he continued to explore the back of Benny’s neck flesh. Bryce knew that the back of Benny’s neck was a weak spot for Benny and the minute Bryce’s lips began grazing and exploring the salty flesh of his neck, Benny could feel the blood flow to his dick begin to expand his cock, which was pressed downward between his legs into the bed.

The heat from Benny’s back and Bryce’s torso began to melt the ice cream bars and that began to signal the response for Bryce to begin to undulate his hairy chest and pubic area into Benny’s body. Bryce writhed and rocked his body into Benny’s backside, sending melting chocolate ice cream bar all over his back and down the sides of his body. The hot summer morning had them both perspiring in no time and their sweat mixed with the chocolate and created a sticky, slippery elixir that Bryce wasted little time in working his way into with his mouth and face.

Bryce slid his body down Benny’s back and greedily licked, sucked and slurped the ice cream bar and sweat off his body. Bryce rubbed his forehead, face and scruff of a beard all over Benny’s back, pulling sweat and sweet ice cream into his mouth. Benny’s body shivered and rocked with pleasure’ his sweaty chest and belly began to soak the bed as he gave his man scent over to the interstices of the sheets beneath him.

Bryce dug his chin deeply into the small of Benny’s back, and the slight tinge of pain mixed with the pleasure his body was experiencing sent shock waves of pleasure down the back of Benny’s legs knees, over the backs of his heels and into his toes, which were now cramping from the extreme levels of bliss his lover was enrapturing him with.

By now Bryce had worked his way down Benny’s back and he pressed himself back so he was sitting on his heels once more. Benny was grateful to have a moment to catch his breath and calm his shaking body down a bit. That was not long lived though. Bryce took the third ice cream bar and placed it firmly and forcefully right between Benny’s ass cheeks and then leaned his precum-covered cock right over the ice cream bar. Bryce slowly thrust his veiny, curved uncut cock back and forth on the ice cream bar melting a groove into the side of the ice cream bar and sending dripping chocolate down onto Benny’s freshly shorn balls and sticky dick. Benny utilized every breathing technique he knew to employ until his mind took over and after giving himself permission to simply say ‘fuck it’, he thrust his ass right into Bryce’s cock and hips smashing the ice cream bar completely into Bryce’s cock and pubes. Bryce responded by forcefully pushing Benny’s hips back into the bed as if to say, “Don’t you dare push your hips up at me mother fucker”. The message was understood loud and clear by Benny and he acquiesced his hips back to the bed.

“Pick a number between one and seven”, Bryce barked. Benny didn’t dare ask why Bryce wanted him to pick a number between one and seven so he simply blurted out with exasperation, “Four”.

Bryce said, “Fourth chakra it is then”. And with that Bryce reared back on his hands and knees, let out a low, deep, growl dove his chest right into Benny’s ass cheeks.

Bryce blurted out with heavy sighs of breath, “You are going to get the heart chakra fuck of your life Benny James because I love you. Happy Birthday baby”. Bryce imagined that he had the most terrific and formidable cock spear coming right out of his chest and with that he began to fuck Benny with his heart chakra as if it were his last day on the planet. Benny wailed and moaned like a cat in heat. He had never experienced anything quite like what he was experiencing and with every thrust of Bryce’s chest into his ass flesh it felt like he was truly being fucked from the inside out. Every upward thrust from Bryce’s chest sent pangs of pleasure up his spine, through his heart and out of his ears. Benny marveled at the feeling of being fucked without penetration and feeling his whole body being electrified from the inside out. Benny’s body spasmed and his whole upper body lifted off the bed so abruptly he thought his spine would bend backwards beyond his range of motion and snap in half. Benny tried to lower his upper body back down to the bed and he couldn’t. It was as if something was pulling him backward. Benny closed his eyes and let out a ferocious yelp as his body arched back so far, he was certain he was going to hurt himself.

White light was everywhere around Benny. He was floating over the bed and was looking down at himself having the most sublime sex of his life with his partner Bryce.

Terror struck his being as he thought he had died in the heat of passion and was on his way to heaven. Time stood in the balance as Benny came to realize that he had separated from his physical self.

Benny blinked his eyes shut and when he opened them again he was standing on a river bank and there was a man sitting on a bench a few feet from the river ahead of him. Benny knew that he was to go this man and meet him. Benny walked over to the man and noticed that he felt like himself, however he was somehow different.

The man was simply dressed in a white shirt, grey pants and no shoes.

“Come Benny and sit here”, the man asked. Benny felt the love from the grass under his feet, from the air around his body and from the water of the river. It was as if everything was exuding and living as an embodiment of love.

“Am I in heaven?” Benny asked.

“No Benny, you are with me. I am who I am and I have come to see you in a form that you might understand. My name is Jesus”.

Benny looked at Jesus in wonder and awe. He looked nothing like he would have imagined him to be and yet he knew that this person was exactly who he said he is.

Benny was perplexed, bewildered, humbled and dumbstruck. He felt he couldn’t move so Jesus stood up and came to where Benny was standing. Jesus took Benny’s hand and they walked hand-in-hand along the river bank. “Not exactly what you were expecting, was I”, Jesus smirked with a smile on his face.

“Why am I here? Benny asked.

Jesus stopped, looked at Benny and answered in a very plain yet serious tone, “I am here to answer Bryce’s prayer today”.

“Bryce prays”? said Benny.

“Yes Benny, Bryce prays. He prays for a lot of things. Mostly though he prays that you would see him for who he really is, and so today I am answering his prayer”.

“I know who he really is” Bryce said.

Jesus responded, “OK then you won’t mind then if I show you Bryce as he really is then”?

“Not at all”, said Benny.

With Benny’s permission Jesus turned Benny’s gaze towards the river. Water rose up from the river and created imagery of events from Bryce’s and Benny’s life over the last year. Images of Benny yelling at Bryce and Bryce apologizing to Benny. Images of Bryce going on walks by himself and crying profusely over the hurts he experienced from Benny’s harsh words. Images of Bryce asking God to help Benny see Bryce as a man who loved Benny without condition or judgement. One after the other, Jesus showed scene after scene of interchanges between Benny and Bryce. Benny was taken aback at the number of times that Bryce would be brought to tears from the insults of Benny. Bryce would never cry in front of Benny. He would cry at work, he would cry on walks, and when he was alone. Bryce saw scenes flash in front of him, one after the other and every time that Bryce would come back to see Benny after a disagreement or after a long day at work he was always cordial, happy and filled with love for Benny.

It didn’t take long for Benny to realize that he had not really understood at all how deeply and unconditionally Bryce loved him and when the fullness of the love of Bryce hit him Benny’s knees buckled. Jesus caught him and held Benny for what felt like hours as he sobbed and sobbed until he had no more tears to expel.

When Benny finally gained his composure, Jesus looked at Benny, smiled and kissed him on both cheeks. He then embraced Benny and whispered into Benny’s ear, “I love you Benny”.

When Benny opened his eyes, he was lying on his back with his arms around Bryce.

“Boy that sure was something Bryce said”, I don’t know where you went honey, but I have never heard such a noise come out of your mouth when you came. Bryce let out a little bit of a chuckle, quite proud of the fact that he knew he not only delivered an amazing experience to his lover on his birthday, he delivered it with gusto.

Benny looked up at Bryce and said, “I love you Bryce. I love your and thank you for showing me such love. Will you do me a favor honey”?

“Sure thing”, said Bryce. “What is it?”

“When you go on your next walk, will you take me with you?” I would really like to get to know you a little bit better and I think that if I went on a walk with you that would be nice”.

Bryce smiled and lifted up his arm and gave a big fist pump to the ceiling. “Fuck yeah going to go on a walk with my man on his birthday. I am one lucky son-of-a-bitch”.

Bryce reached around and grabbed Benny around his body, gave him a deep, long kiss and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Satiated and grateful, Benny softly cried himself to sleep as the sheets, curtains, and entire room were filled with love. Love from God. Love from Bryce. Love from prayer. Love, just love.


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